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Saturday, 31 August 2013


Hey Guys! So I told you the other day that I was going to ombre my hair and that I was pretty scared about how it was going to turn out. Well I needn't have, my friend Katie did it for me on Friday and I love it!! I used the Jerome Russell Bblonde Highlighting Kit and it was pretty easy to do. You have to use a bleach to ombre your hair, to strip away the colour, and if you use just blonde dye it won't work, it will probably just turn out ginger so make sure whatever your using has bleach in it. Katie is not a hairdresser or anything like that but I don't think it would have came out any better at a hairdressers.
 I know that a lot of people ombre their hair themselves but I think that it's a lot easier if you can get someone to do the back because it's hard to see if it's coming out even. If you are going to do it yourself, I'd suggest having a mirror in front of you and another behind you so that you can see how the back is coming out as your doing it, or just divide your hair in half, pull it to the front, put the bleach in and check how it looks from the back in a mirror before you let if set. I would also recommend that you wear old clothes because the bleach can stain them.

In my random haul earlier this week, I bought two boxes of the Jerome Russell Bblonde Highlighting Kits because I thought that I mightn't have enough dye but I had more than enough in just one. It was pretty simple to use by just following the instructions. You mix the powdered bleach included with the little bottle of peroxide using the brush provided. You then have this blue mixture.
I didn't want my hair to just go from brown to blonde, but wanted more of a fade effect so we decided to do the real bottom of my hair first so that would be more blonde then the rest. We put that on and waited about five minutes, going over some of it again as we waited. We brushed it through with a tangle teezer so that the dye didn't miss any hairs and so that it wouldn't end in a straight line (you could use any hair brush). We then put more of the dye up further and brushed that through and the by the time that was done, we went up a little bit further. A lot of people start their ombre just under their chin but we only went up to about my shoulders.
My hair with most of the bleach on. You can see the blonde developing.
Because we could see the blonde developing in my hair we could tell when it looked like it was ready so I could wash it out. When it was near the colour I wanted, we went over the ends with bleach and then wrap them in tin foil to make that hair blonder.
We left the bleach in for a total of about 35 mins (from start to finish) before I washed it out with the conditioning shampoo supplied, when it was wet it looked quite brassy so I then washed it again with Lee Stafford purple shampoo before conditioning it with my Soap and Glory's Glad Hair Day Intensive Conditioner. Purple shampoo is used to take the brassy/yellowy tones out of your hair. I left the Soap and Glory conditioner in for about ten minutes while me and Katie had some tea because bleach can dry out your hair a lot, so it's good to condition it for as long as you can. We then washed it out and styled my hair....and here are the results:



Don't worry, it doesn't look as yellow in real life as it does in the pictures :P Hope you liked this post :) Did you ever ombre your hair? How did it come out? Also, what do you guys think of my hair? Do you like it or did you prefer it before I dyed it? Don't be afraid to be honest, I'm sure I won't get offended haha. Leave a comment below :)

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Friday, 30 August 2013

Making The Positives Cancel Out The Negatives

Hey Guys! So Today's post is about the making the positives cancel out the negatives. As ye probably already know, I am going to study in France for 4 months and I'll admit that I have been quite stressed about it. Don't get me wrong, I have being excited about going to France next week, but for a while I was mostly focusing on the negatives like having to give up my job and not being able to understand French, whereas I should have been focusing on the positives like all the fun I'm going to have over there. I couldn't really help it as I tend to be bit of a worrier and worry about everything. I tend to think of every bad thing that can possibly happen and worry about it. Leaving your life and going to another country to live for four months is really scary and I'm still pretty scared about not being able to understand anyone, but there is a lot to look forward to that cancels it out. Although I'm leaving my family and friends, it's only for four months and then I'll see them again. So here are 5 things I'm gonna miss about home, but also, 5 things that I'm looking forward to in France :)

5 Things I will miss about home:
1. My Family and Friends
2. Work and all my work friends
3. My Pets
4. My Car and driving around with my music up and the windows down :)
5. My Guitar

5 things I'm looking forward to in France:
1. Going to Paris for my 21st
2. Getting to do cool subjects like Japanese
3. Spending 4 months with two of my best friends
4. Getting to live in student accommodation and having to do everything for myself.
5. Hopefully becoming fluent in French

So If there is any thing that you want to do but are too scared, just think of all the good things that will come of it and try not worry so much about it. Just think that you will worry about it when it happens because a lot of things we worry about don't have any solution and worrying just stresses you out.

Hope you liked this post :) I not going to be doing a Friday Favourite this week because I have a post for today, tomorrow and Sunday before I leave on Monday and didn't really have room for it or time to do it but I will have one next week. I just wanna let ye know also, that I will be continuing my blog over in France and when I return so don't think that I'm leaving the blogging world too. I will be here for a while yet :)

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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

NOTD: Minion Nails by Lauren at Mega Beauty

Hey Guys! I saw this really cool tutorial for minion nails from Despicable Me on Lauren's Blog Mega Beauty and thought they would be so cool to try out. Click here to see her tutorial on how to do them and make sure to follow her blog, it has a lot of other cool nail art tutorials and great product reviews. My nails didn't come out that good and are a bit messy because I just used the normal nail varnish brushes but these nails are just too cute!

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Random Haul

Hey Guys! Today's post is a collective haul from the other day, I know I said that I wasn't going to spend any more money until I go to France but I did need some more clothes to bring over with me and I have hardly spent any money this month so I  decided to treat myself before I go :P

The First place I went was Zara, where I got two really cool printed t-shirts and two pairs of denim jeggings, which were cheap enough, just to wear casual to college with a pair of high top trainers and probabaly a hoody depending on the weather.
Zara: €19,95        Buy here
Zara : € 22,95          Buy Here
Zara: €19,95         Buy Here
Zara: €22,95              Buy Here
I then went to River Island and saw these gorgeous high tops for €40. I have bought two pairs of high tops in River Island before and I live in them so I knew that they were worth the money. I also got these really cute pair of moustache earrings for €2.
River Island: €40            Buy Here
River Island : €2                  Buy Here
I  got these really cute super hero socks in pennys for €2,50. They kind of remind me of the old batman t.v show from the 60s that I used to watch every Saturday morning when I was a kid (not in the 60s :P)
Pennys €2,50            Can't buy online
Next I went to Awear and saw this really cool letterman jacket style hoody that I just fell in love with. It's really warm too so I think it will be great for the winter months.
Awear: €35      Not on the Website
Finally, I got 2 Bblonde highlighting kits and a purple shampoo in Boots because I am planning to ombre my hair this week. I've wanted to ombre my hair for a while now and finally decided to bite the bullet and do it. I decided to do it myself because it's very expensive to get it done at a hairdressers. I did a lot of research on how to do it yourself by watching a lot of youtube videos and reading a lot of blog posts about it. I decided to get the Bblonde highlighting kit over The L'Oréal wild ombre kit because I read a lot more positive reviews about it online, and my hair is dark brown and this one seems to make dark hair a lot blonder than the L'oréal one which makes your hair more coppery. This is also the kit that Zoella and Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter used and I love how their hair came out.
1 Bblonde Highlighting Kit : €8.99
Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Purple Shampoo: €8.49
Buy Here and Here
I got two of the Bblonde Highlighting Kits because I heard that their isn't that much in them and my hair is quite long and thick. I got the purple shampoo to take all the brassy tones out of my hair after I dye it and to keep the colour from fading. I'm kind of scared about doing this because I've never dyed my hair before but my my friend Katie is coming over on Friday to help me do it and for some moral support :P I'm hoping to do a blog post about it Saturday evening but it could be a bit later in the week because I'm working all weekend and I have a lot of packing to do. I'm planning a lot of other blog posts for this week though including "My Travel Beauty Essentials" so make sure to check back to see them or follow my blog to get updates of when I write a new post :)

Hope you liked this post :) Did you ever ombre your Hair? How did it turn out? Also, please let me know of any bad hair dyeing experiences that you've had because I'd love to know what not to do :P
Leave a comment below :)

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Friday, 23 August 2013

Friday Favourite #15 : The Sims 2

Hey Guys! Today's Friday Favourite isn't a beauty product , it's The Sims 2. I have The Sims 3 and love playing it but I came across some of my old Sims 2 games a couple of weeks ago and remembered how fun they were, especially Open For Business and University. I wanted to play them again but realized that I didn't have the original Sims 2 any more and I couldn't install the expansion packs without it. I then proceeded to ask all of my friends if they had it for me to borrow, but nobody did so I ordered it on Amazon last week for €14.99. It took a few days to come and I was so excited when it did. 

Now I had read online that The Sims 2 wasn't compatible with Windows 7 and I wanted to install them on my laptop which has Windows 7 so I could bring them with me when I go to France for 5 months. I found out how to fix this online though and both The original Sims 2 and Sims 2 University installed perfectly. When I tried to install Open For Business though it wouldn't work. This was the game I most wanted to play so I was a bit annoyed, but then I decided try and install it on my computer at home so I could at least play it for a week or two before I have to leave for France. It worked and I spent the whole evening yesterday playing the Sims 2.

Although it isn't the same as The Sims 3 (you can't just walk freely around the neighbourhood or decide your objectives in work), It is still a really good game. The Sims 2 University is so much fun. You get to pick your subject major, live in a dorm with other students or start a band. This also gives a wider variety of job options to your sims once they graduate. Just like the real thing, the sim college experience can be really fun and I just really love it.

The Sims 2 Open For Business was the whole reason I wanted to play The Sims 2 again. It's so cool to build your own business and order your employees to help customers or be cashiers, trying to make a profit as you go. You can make any business that you want: a toy store, restaurant, flower shop, art gallery, car dealership, etc., that's why it's so much fun. You can sell whatever you want, you could make a whole shop selling gone off lasagna if you wanted to. (but nobody would probably buy anything :P) It's so much fun to see if your business is going to fail or became extremely successful. 

Whenever a new version of The Sims comes out, there is also one expansion pack that I can't wait for : Pets. I love animals so I always like this expansion pack. It's always fun to add a new puppy to your sims family and watch it grow up. This game is exactly what it sound like though, it just adds pets to your game so isn't as fun as University or Open For Business but I do like it a lot.

Hope you liked this post :) Which is your favourite Sims game and why? Leave a comment below.

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Permanent Tan by Tattooing?

Hey Guys! So my friend Aimee came across something kind of weird today on the interweb and made sure to let me know about it.  It was an answer that was given on to the question "Permanent Tan?" Apparently, now people are getting an entire tan tattooed onto their body. Link to the web page here.

I don't know if this is really true or not but I can already think of a few reasons why this would be a bad idea. One, It would be really expensive, Two, It would take forever and three, what would happen if you gained a lot of weight or your skin swelled up and stretched so that this "perfect permanent tan" would be ruined.

If this really is a thing though, Do you think that you would ever consider it? Let's just forget everything I said a minute ago and pretend it would be a perfect tan that would last forever, would you choose that above fake tan or spray tanning? I'm not mad about tan myself, I mean I'd like to be tanned but I just can't be bothered with fake tan, buying it, putting it on every night and trying to make sure I don't get any streaks, it's just too much of a pain. A permanent tan tattooed on me though, I think I would just stay pale. I don't think I would want it enough to spend hours in pain getting it, probably spending a couple of thousand euros in the process.

What about you? If you had the choice to get a one-time painful and expensive permanent tan or to use fake tan for the rest of your life what would you do? Please leave a comment below :P

*Picture from

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Friday, 16 August 2013

Friday Fail: Soap & Glory's Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk

Hey Guys! Today I'm not going to do a Friday Favourite post, I'm going to do a Friday Fail, because this post is about a product that I just do not like no matter how much I try. It is a Soap and Glory product and as you may already know from reading my blog, I love Soap and Glory products. They are one of my favourite brands and this is probably the only product of theirs that I don't love. It's the Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk. 

I got this for Christmas in The Best of All set and as you can probably tell from the picture, I have barely used any of it. The main reason for this is that I absolutely hate the smell of it, it's so strong. The bottle describes the smell as an "irresistible almonds, oats and brown sugar scent" but I just think it's such a strong almond smell that I hate using it. My sister also got it in the Best of All set and doesn't use it either.

It is a shame though because it is a good moisturiser and leaves your skin feeling very soft but I just find it hard to put something that smells so bad all over my body, leaving me smelling of it for the rest of the day, after just having a shower. It kinda of feels like there's no point in having the shower if my skin is going to smell bad afterwards anyway because of my moisturiser. Every few months though I see it and feel bad for not using it because there is so much in it, so I put some on, trying and convince myself that i'm going to use it up but end up just hating how my skins smells for the rest of the day. 

If you happen to love the smell of almonds though, this could be the perfect moisturiser for you but I really recommend smelling it first before you buy it. (just in case) It is pretty expensive at about €11 but there is a lot in it so I think it would be worth it if you did really like the scent.

Hope you liked this post :) Do you have this product? What do you think of it? Please leave a comment below.

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Film Review : This is the End

Hey Guys! Today's post is a little different from usual; a film review. I want to do a film or book review every so often on my blog but not every week or two because I still want my blog to be mainly beauty and fashion based, and don't know if all my readers will enjoy reading these type of  posts. Please leave a comment below after reading this post telling me if you would like me to do more or not :)

So I went to the cinema last week with my friends and we decided to go see This is the End. It wasn't any of our first choices but we had already seen a lot of the other movies between us already. We decided on This is the End mainly because we thought it would be funny to see a movie with lots of celebrities in it playing themselves and trying to survive the end of the world; and it was :)

The movie has many A-list celebrities featured in it including Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Michael Cera, Jason Segel, Emma Watson, Rihanna and Channing Tatum [But he is only in it for a minute at the end. Do not make the same mistake that I usually do and go to see a movie because he is in it, only to find that he has been killed off after the first five minutes :(  and I will warn you that the same thing happens for some of the celebrities in this movie]

The movie starts with Jay Baruchel arriving in L.A. to visit his childhood friend Seth Rogen and Seth decides to bring him to a party James Franco is throwing later that night. There are tons of celebrities at this party all acting crazy and it's really funny to see them acting as themselves, but some (if not all)clearly acting a very exaggerated version of themselves or of what others portray them to be to make the movie a lot more entertaining. After a while at the party, the start of the end of the world occurs when the ground violently shakes and the celebrities see that outside the Hollywood Hills are on fire, with people dying all around them. A few of the celebrities barricade themselves in James Franco's House and then the rest of the movie is them trying to survive together in the house, dividing rations, trying to get along with each other and defending the house and themselves from the demonic creatures outside, all with very humerus results.

Overall, It is a very funny action-packed movie, with some scary scenes even, that I found entertaining for the entire duration and didn't find myself bored at any scene. I would really recommend seeing this movie if you have ever wanted to know how a group of celebrities would react to the end of the world and what would happen to them, or if you just needed a good movie to go and see with your friends.

Hope you liked this post :) Have you seen this movie? What did you think of it? Did you agree with me or did you absolutely hate it? Leave a comment below.

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Friday, 9 August 2013

Friday Favourite #14 Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Hey guys! This weeks Friday Favourite is Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion. This is my favourite all time primer for eyes. I have it in the colour Original which is just a nude-ish colour but you can also get it in Eden, Greed and Sin which are different shades (some of which are shimmery) that can also be used as an eye shadow base.

The reason that I really love this primer is that it make your eye shadow last all day (and all night) and it also not only keeps your eye shadow from creasing but it makes it more vibrant. One way that I know this primer works is that if I forget to take of my makeup after a night out (c'mon we've all done it at some stage) the next morning it looks like I've just done my eye makeup, It is still absolutely perfect.

It is fairly expensive at €20 but I would really recommend it if you are going to an event that lasts all day and most of the night like a wedding. This primer potion will keep your eye shadow on and crease-free for the whole thing. If you are interested in getting this primer, you can get it here on Amazon or here on the Urban Decay website.

Hope you liked this post :) What's your favourite primer? Do you have this one? Leave a comment below.

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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Mini Boots Haul

Hey guys! Today's post is a mini boots haul. I only got two things because as you already might know from reading my July beauty wishlist I am going to study in France for four months so I'm saving up most of my money for that, but also in that post I said that I would treat myself to at least one of those items before I left for France. The two items that I got were The Original Tangle Teezer and the Tony & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray. I decided to get these two items instead of some of the others in my July beauty wishlist because I needed some new hair stuff to bring with me to France and thought I might as well splurge a little a get the things that I've been wanting for a while.

The Tangle Teezer I got was the last one left in Boots which meant I had to get it. It was very expensive at €15.99 but I've wanted to try it out for a while now so I got it. I have already used it this morning and it does brush all the knots and tangles out of your hair faster than a normal brush so it was worth it :)

I got the Tony & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray for €8.99. I haven't tried it out yet but I'll make sure to do a review of it once I do. It is suppose to add a lot more texture to your hair and make it look less flat and limp so I looking forward to seeing how my hair turns out.

Hope you liked this post :) Have you got either of these products? What do you think of them? Leave a comment below.

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Monday, 5 August 2013

NOTD: Pink and White Polka-Dot Nails

Hey Guys! Today's post is a nail of the day. I decided to do polka-dot nails because I love polka- dots and think they're really cute (as you might be able to tell from my blog :P ) To achieve these nails I first put on two coats of O.P.I's nail lacquer in the colour not so bora bora-ing pink and then used Essence's colour and go in the colour 02 white secret to do the dots. You could use any white nail varnish to do the dots. I did them using the brush, just wiping the excess of the side of the bottle and then using the corner of the brush to dot to colour on. I would also recommend a good clear top coat over the finished look to help to keep it from chipping.

Hope you liked this post! Make sure to leave a comment below if you did :)

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Friday, 2 August 2013

Friday Favourite #13 Benefit's Sugarbomb Blush

Hey Guys! The weeks Friday Favourite is Sugarbomb blush by Benefit. It is one of the seven Box O' Powders by Benefit. This is probably my favourite blush by Benefit and definitely one of my favourite blushes for summer that I have. It consists of four different shades : A peachy tone, a sort of brownish plum colour, a rose pink and a sort of coral pink tone. You mix all these colours together to make one gorgeous shade. The packaging of this is really pretty (like all benefit products) and it comes with a little mirror in the top of the box and a small brush to apply it (Though I prefer to use one of my own blush brushes). It is one of Benefit's top sellers and according to their website suits all skin tones. 

It is very expensive though for a blush, as all the Benefit box o' powders are, for €34. I really do love this product and do think that I would repurchase it if it ever runs out, but if you do not have that much money to spend on makeup, I think that you could get away without it. I don't think that blush is a product that you really need to splurge on and that you could probably find a nice blush for a lot less money. If you do have the money, however, and like to spend a lot on your makeup, I would really recommend this blush. I wear it all the time and absolutely love it!!

Hope you liked this post :) You can buy Sugarbomb here on the Benefit website. Do you own any of Benefit's box o' powders? Which one? Leave a comment below.

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