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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Inexpensive Ruby Makeup Brushes Set Review

Hey guys, today I wanted to review a inexpensive Ruby Brushes set. This set is only 20 euros and for that you get 6 brushes and with a brush belt. One thing I really love about these brushes is the professional black handles with the pretty purple Ruby logo. I also love that they come in a brush belt but I have found that if you turn the brush belt upside down with the brushes in it, that some of them will fall out because the pouches that are supposed to be made the fit them are a bit too big, which is annoying but you don't have to use the brush belt.

The first brush that comes in this set is the powder brush. I really like this brush. It is really soft and the perfect size for a powder brush, not too big or not too small. Although one or two bristles fall out every so often, I think I might actually prefer this than more high end powder brushes than I've used before. It is so soft on your skin and applies powder really easily. This might be my favourite brush in the set.

The next brush in the set is the foundation brush. Although I usually like to use either a buffing brush or a duo fibre brush to do my foundation, this brush is fine for a foundation brush. It's not the softest pointed foundation brush to use but it definitely does the job. So it would be good for someone who is just starting out with makeup brushes. 

The next brush is a crease brush. This brush is good for blending out eye shadow but I found that the bristles fell out quite a bit while using this brush. I think that this would also be a good starter brush though to build up your collection if you couldn't afford the more expensive brushes.

The next brush is a sort of flat, slightly fluffy shader brush which is great for applying a base eye shadow across the lid. I think that this sort of brush doesn't have to be very expensive, that the all do it well so I would use this brush everyday.

The next brush is a very small angle brush. I find this brush is great for doing gel, liquid or even shadow liner above the top lash. I also like to use this brush to do very precise shaped eyebrows even though it takes a little longer than it would have using a normal sized brow brush. This is another brush in the set that is one of my favourites.

The last brush in this set is a small round sort of a brush that I like to use to blend out eyeliner and also to apply eye shadow under the eye. I like this brush. It doesn't have a lot of fall and does its job perfectly.

Overall, I think this set is well worth the money and is quite good quality for the price. I would definitely recommend it for someone who is just starting their brush collection because of how inexpensive it is and because it contains a lot of the essential brushes that you need in your makeup brush collection. I think you can get these brushes in some Boots stores and they are available in some pharmacies so keep a lookout for them. I think they are only available in Ireland and Great Britain but let me know if you have seen them anywhere else and I will add it to this post.

I hope you liked this post. If you did, give it a like on Bloglovin or a +1 on Google plus to let me know if I should do more reviews like this in the future. Have you ever bought Ruby brushes? What did you think of them? Leave a comment down below.
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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Gym/Workout Look Book

Hey guys, so today I wanted to show you all my inexpensive gym/workout look book. I like to look somewhat stylish when I go to the gym or an exercise class but don't want to have to spend too much money on workout clothes, so here is my inexpensive gym/workout look book:

Look 1:

Batman T-Shirt: €8 Pennys/Primark
Grey Tank-Top: €4 Pennys/Primark 

Grey Sweatpants: €7.50 Dunnes Stores
High Tops: €40 River Island (owned already)

Look 2:

Los Angeles Crop Top: €3 Pennys/Primark
Blue Tank Top: €3 Pennys/Primark
Same Sweatpants as Look 1
Shoes: €10 Dunnes Stores

Look 3:

Manhattan Crop Top: €3 Pennys/Primark
White Tank Top: €3 Pennys/Primark
Black Leggings (already owned, I think I got them in Pennys/Primark) 
Same High Tops from River Island

Look 4:

Pepsi T-Shirt: €8 Pennys/Primark
Same Tank Top as Look 2
Same Sweatpants as Look 1&2
Same Shoes as Look 2

What I like about a these items is that they are interchangeable so you can mix and match to get a couple of different looks with only a few different items bought. I hope you liked this post. If you did, give it a like on Bloglovin or a +1 on Google Plus so that I know to do more Look Books again. Which is you favourite look? Leave a comment down below.

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Design Your Life

Hey guys, so I came across this quote this morning and it really stood out for me. We only get a certain amount of time in life and then we are gone, so why not design the life you want to live. I know you might be thinking " Well, what am I supposed to do about money? I need to work a job I don't love to get by." Yes, that is the main reason why a lot of people can't follow their dreams. If there is something that you want to do with your life that sounds like a crazy pipe dream to most, think about this; what will your life be without it? Most people are fine with sacrificing their dreams because they are extremely difficult to achieve and they don't want to give up the security they have in their life by pursuing a dream that may never happen, but if it's all that you want to do in life, it might be a good idea to try it.

I'm not saying to go out and quit your jobs but at least try to do something that gets you closer to your dream like take up a dance/acting/signing/guitar class, begin the first chapter of your novel or start a night class. I know it sounds cliche but you do only live once (YOLO :P) so we should be trying to live a life we love and enjoy, not one that we dread waking up in the morning for, and I guess that's everyone's goal in life, right? to be happy? So why not find something that makes you happy and do it, even if you can only do it for one hour a week, or even a month. If it's what truly make you the happiest, then why not?

I hope you liked this post. If you did, like it on Bloglovin or give it a +1 on Google plus. It would mean a lot. Leave a comment down below about what you really want to do in life or even just say if you have absolutely no idea what you would love to do. I love reading all your comments.

Quote taken from Pinterest
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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Bourjois Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal Foundation Review

Hey guys, last week the lovely Gazelle requested that I do a review on the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation that I had purchased recently. I've been wearing it all week since then and have lots of things to say about it. First off, this is a great natural everyday foundation that makes your skin look flawless and radiant. Although it doesn't have amazing coverage and would probably work best on people who are fairly young with pretty okay skin to begin with, it is build-able. I would say that it gives medium coverage so I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who has really bad acne. 

It's not the cheapest foundation for €13.99 but it is definitely affordable. I got it for €6 in Boots at the end of the sales because it was missing the top, but other than that, it was good as new. It's a liquid foundation which feels really light on your skin and doesn't really feel like your wearing makeup which is great. It also lasts a very long time, I wore it from the morning until night, while working out, walking in the wind and rain, etc, and it lasted all day. It says on the Bourjois website that it lasts 16 hours, I didn't count the exact number of hours I wore it for but it lasted me the whole day until I took it off at night so I was happy. 

The one thing about this foundation that I'm not really sure about is that sometimes I feel it looks slightly powdery. It seems to make powder cling to it and look a bit dry, so I prefer not to use powder with it which is okay because my skin is fairly dry anyway. When I first noticed this, I thought that I had put on too much powder (which I probably did) so I tried it the next day with only a little powder and then without any powder which I liked the best even though my skin still looked slightly, barely noticeably dry and powdery in certain areas, but at that point I was focusing on checking that every time I did my foundation and maybe wouldn't have even have noticed it if I hadn't over-powdered on the first day. This wouldn't be a problem for people with normal or oily skin though so powder away. I maybe wouldn't recommend it if you had super dry skin but my skin is quite dry and it looks a lot better than some other foundations do on it so I guess you never know how it will look on your own skin until you try it yourself.

Me wearing Bourjois Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal foundation. 
The Bourjois website says that this foundation " is enriched with a fruit therapy formula to enhance your complexion." It contains apricot for radiance, melon for hydration and apple to protect your youth. I don't know about you but I love hearing what does what in a product even if it actually turns out just to be some kind of marketing scheme. I like to know what a foundation is doing for your skin rather than just "you put this on your face and it looks nice". Sorry for that slightly off tangent ramble that doesn't really help you decide if you want this foundation or not but I just like to know the idea behind a product and why the makers thought it would be good to invent. 

I like the bottle for this foundation and it's design. It's a glass bottle and I like the red colour scheme throughout the bottle. The top of this bottle, which I don't have, is clear just in case you were wondering. The colour I have is Light Vanilla is very slightly too light for me because it was the only one left for €6 but that is easily fixed with some bronzer.

Overall, I really like this foundation and will continue to use it until it's gone. I'm not sure if i will repurchase it or not yet because I like the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation just as much if not a bit more and it is only €8.99. I also really want to try out some more expensive, higher quality foundations like Nars Sheer Glow or the Chanel Vitalumi√®re so I might save up for one of those. 

I hope you liked this post, if you did give it a like on Bloglovin or a +1 on Google plus. If there is anything you would like to request me to do like a celeb makeup look or another product review, leave a comment down below letting me know what.

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Sunday, 16 February 2014

International Giveaway: Benefit's They're Real Mascara (CLOSED)

Hey guys, so my electricity is back and today I wanted to do an international giveaway to celebrate getting to 300 followers on Bloglovin. Thank you to everyone who continues to follow and support my blog by leaving lots of lovely comments, liking posts on Bloglovin and giving +1's on Google plus, and even if you just check back and read a blog post or two every so often, thank you so much, it means a lot to me. So on to the giveaway.

Today's giveaway is International and the prize is a Benefit's They're Real mascara. This is my absolute favourite mascara. It makes your lashes look amazing. I already wrote a full review of this mascara which you can read here. This mascara usually retails at €26 so it would be really great to win it for free. This is not a sponsored giveaway. I have bought the prize with my own money to thank my followers.

Here are pictures of the before and after of using this mascara from my They're Real mascara review. There is such a difference in the pictures because this mascara really makes your eyelashes look so much longer and fuller.


All entries will be verified to keep the giveaway fair. The giveaway will be open for three weeks having already started at midnight on the 16th of February 2014 and ending midnight on the 3rd of March 2014.
The winner will be notified by email within 48 hours of the giveaway’s closing, and I will also do an update blog post to let you all know who the winner is. Good luck to everyone :)

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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Hurricane in Ireland?

Hey guys, so basically, Ireland was hit by a huge storm yesterday. There were hurricane force winds and even a mini tornado in Roscommon. There were trees falling all over the country and one even fell and hit the house next door to mine but mostly only got the roof because a wall across the road took most of the force so everyone was okay. Not only did the tree hit the house next door but it also blocked the road off so we couldn't get past it.

I was lucky that I didn't have any classes in college yesterday so I was at home. I heard afterwards though that they had to have a lock-down in college because it was too dangerous for anyone to leave. I was at home waiting for everyone to return safely, which took a while because they needed to find another way home because of the fallen tree blocking the road. Everyone got home eventually but our electricity was gone so we had no lights, heating or any way to make a dinner. The Internet was also gone, and still is, so I haven't been able to write a blog post about it until now while I'm in the library at college.

The house was freezing most of last night and this morning so it is nice to be in a heated room with internet again. Last night, I felt like I was living back in the olden days when they had no electricity, and I bet it was a real shock to my little sister who is constantly playing on a laptop or iPhone. After not having electricity for a few hours, and once the storm had mostly passed, we found out that the Chinese down the road was open so we got dinner from there and ate it by candle light.

With a full stomach, our only struggles for the rest of the night were trying to stay warm and keeping ourselves entertained.  We were able to have a small fire but not too hot because the stove we have needs electricity to pump the heat to the radiators and if the pump doesn't work and the fire gets too hot, then it could be dangerous. We also wrapped up in warm coats and dressing gowns to stay warm. Before the daylight had gone completely, I decided to do my sister's makeup to pass some of the time but it got pretty dark before I had even finished the eyes, so after finishing the rest of her makeup in the dark, she looked a bit of a mess. I then felt like I had really gone back in time while reading a Charles Dickens book for college by candle light. I didn't do much after that, we went to sleep pretty early because there wasn't much to do in the dark. 

This morning I went to college early, but the electricity still wasn't back in our house. They are saying on the news that we mightn't get it back til sometime on Friday and I'm not sure if the internet will have to be repaired then or not so I'm not sure if I can do a blog post over the weekend. I'm charging my camera in the computer in college now though so I will still be able to take pictures, and I can use the internet on the University computers on Monday to write a new blog post for you all. Hopefully the electricity and internet will come back before then but if not, I'll see you all on Monday. If you want to read more about the storm, here is a link to an article about it from the Irish Independent website .

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

MAC Russian Red Lipstick Review

Hey guys, today I wanted to do a lipstick review of the MAC lipstick Russian Red. I don't have that many MAC lipsticks even though they are really good quality, I think I only have three. One of my first posts on this blog was a review of the MAC lipstick Shy Girl and I still love it as much today as I did back then. There is no question that MAC do really great quality products but the main reason why a lot of people ( beauty bloggers/gurus aside) don't buy that many MAC products is because of how expensive they are. I don't even need to think or look anything thing up to tell you that MAC lipsticks are €18 here where I live. I know this without any hesitation because I love MAC lipsticks a lot, they are probably my favourite brand of lipstick, but only rarely allow myself to spend so much on them because if I were to buy a MAC lipstick every week I would be beyond broke by now. 

MAC lipsticks are great to buy yourself as a treat, to maybe reward yourself for doing however much study, for getting a great result in a exam, or for successfully getting that job you wanted. So, in case any of you were instantly thinking that there is no way that you could buy a MAC lipstick because of how expensive they are, you can easily save it up over a month or two, €1 at a time. Okay, sorry for that, now onto the Russian Red review.

MAC's Russian Red lipstick is best known as the must have red lipstick for everyone. It is supposed to suit everyone well and unlike other red lipsticks which can make your teeth appear more yellow, Russian Red has a blue tint undertone which makes sure that this isn't a problem. Russian Red has a Matte finish which is one of my favourite MAC finishes along with Cremesheen. The finish is basically matte, obviously, with no sheen or glossy appearance. The great thing about this is that you can have the best of both worlds; if you want to leave it matte you can, or if you prefer a glossy finish you can put some clear lip gloss over it. The color is a beautiful deep red and is really pigmented, so you don' have to worry about it not transferring well to your lips. I also doesn't dry out your lips or make them appear to be more dry than they actually are like other lipsticks can. 

I find that the Russian Red lipstick, like other MAC lipsticks, lasts for a really long time, especially if you put lip liner underneath it, which you usually need to do to get the perfect red lip anyway. I usually just line around my lips first with a cheap Essence lip liner in red blush which is less than €1.50 (there really isn't any need to buy an expensive liner considering how much the lipstick costs, and I don't think there is ever that much difference in lip liner quality anyway), once around my lips are lined I then usually fill in the lips with the liner so that the lipstick has a base to stick to and will then last longer than it would have on it's own. Overall, I really like this lipstick, not only for the great quality that most MAC lipsticks have but I also really love the colour and the finish.
Me wearing Russian Red lipstick in my golden Christmas makeup look.
I hope you liked this post. If you did, please give it a +1 on Google plus or like it on Bloglovin so I know to do more reviews like this in the future. If you are interested in getting this product, you can buy it at any Mac counter or click here to buy it online. If there is anything else you would like me to review, leave a comment down below telling me what.
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