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Thursday, 31 July 2014

FOTD: Bronze Shimmery Eye Makeup

Hey guys, I'm back with another face of the day post. I know I have been doing a lot of them lately but I'm trying to make up for not doing them very often in the past :P Today's look is a neutral everyday makeup look using shimmery brown eye shadows. I think I might try experimenting with some more daring makeup looks soon so keep an eye out for them. P.S. Just ignore my crazy faces in the pictures, I went a bit selfie-mad that day :P 

Products Used: 

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix foundation 
Bourjois Délice de Soleil bronzing powder
Colletion 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer

MAC Woodwinked (on the lid)
MAC Mulch (in the crease)
MAC Charcoal Brown (to fill in eyebrows)
Bobbi Brown Long-Wear gel eyeliner in Black Ink (to line top lashes)
17 eyeliner pencil in black (to line water line)
Maybelline The Falsies mascara

Soap & Glory Super-Colour Fabulipstick in The Missing Pink 

I hope you liked this post :) Leave a comment below if you would like me to recreate a certain celebrity look or if you would like to see some experimental makeup looks for a change :)

Monday, 28 July 2014

My Top Boohoo Picks

Hey guys, I was browsing last night and I saw a couple of items that I really liked so I thought I would share them with you.

1. Penny Contrast Waistband Scuba Jogger (€22/£15) 
I really like these dark red jogger pants. They look so comfortable but are dressier than sweat pants. These would be perfect for me to wear to college.

2. Penelope MISS BHV Foil Print Mesh Baseball Tee (€22/£15)
As you can probably already tell, these are all very casual items and this MISS BHV top is no exception. I think this top could look really cool with acid wash jeans like no. 6 and high-tops, or it could even just be a cool top to wear to the gym.

3. Olivia Chain Trim Hi Top Trainers (€30/£20)
I love high tops! These ones are actually pretty similar to a pair that I already have but I still like them. I'm not 100 percent sure about the gold chain coming across the front of them but it does add a certain gangsta quality to them.

4. Adele Carpe Diem Slogan Baseball Tee (€16/£12)
As you might have guess from no.3, I love sport inspired tops, whether it be football, baseball or something else. I think this top is pretty cool and comfortable looking, and I also like that it reminds me of one of my favourite films, Dead Poets Society.. "Carpe Diem, Seize The Day!"

5. Sophie 89 Logo Crop Tee (€15/£10)
This top is pretty cool but I don't know if I would actually have the guts to wear it. I think I might be a bit self conscious exposing my stomach.... maybe one day when I have rock hard abs :P Or there is always high-waisted jeans.

6. Evelin Acid Wash Supersoft Jeans (€38/£25)
I basically already have these in the form of jeggings but they have gone all stretchy and weird looking so these would be perfect for me. They are also high-waisted which is great in case I want to wear a crop top :P

I hope you liked this post. If you did, please give it a like on Bloglovin or a +1 on Google Plus. I know all of these items are all of a specific style but which is your favourite, if any? Leave a comment below.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

FOTD: Pretty Neutrals

Hey guys, here is a very simple, neutral face of the day done using the Naked 3 palette. Because I haven't been wearing that much makeup over the summer, I feel like I haven't got a great amount of use out of my Naked 3 palette, so when I do wear makeup, I like to test out new looks from it. I love that most of the colours have a sort of pink or purpley tinge to them even though it mightn't appear that way by looking at them in the pan. Here is the look I created this time: 
Products Used:

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix foundation
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer
Bourjois Délice de Soleil bronzing powder

Colours Used from the Naked 3 Palette:
Burnout (across the lid)
Buzz (through the crease)
Liar (outer corner + under the eye)
Limit (to fill in eyebrows)
Strange (to highlight)

Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner (black ink)
Maybelline The Falsies mascara

L'Oréal Caresse Lipstick (101 tempting lilac)

I hope you liked this post! If you did, please give it a like on Bloglovin or a +1 on Google Plus if you did. I hope everyone is having a good summer and I'll talk to you soon :)

Monday, 21 July 2014


Hey guys! So today I want to share with you one of my favourite quotes. I am the biggest worrier, and the first thing I usually do when approaching a different/new situation is to think of what if?? I think of anything thing and everything that could happen, and they are usually on the negative end of the scale. Because I am worrying so much about bad things that could happen, I sometimes end up not even doing the thing that I was planning. This quote always makes me look a things a little differently, and go into different situations with a more positive outlook. We should always hope for the best, maybe not plan for it but hope for it. It can be ten times worse when you think something is going to end up great and it actually doesn't so this isn't about expecting great things. Just don't dismiss the idea and automatically think of the negative outcomes. There could be something great that you could be potentially missing out on if you dismiss an idea or event so just make sure to look at the potential positive outcomes too. I have to keep reminding myself of this quote every so often when I'm being too negative, and I find that it helps, mostly so I can be a bit braver and not talk myself out of certain things. After all, I think we all need a bit more positivity in our lives.

Friday, 18 July 2014

FOTD: Smokey Purple Makeup Look

Hey guys! I thought I would just share a quick face of the day with you. Here is a purple smokey eye done using the Naked 3 palette! This looks is really easy to create and it's lovely and natural looking for everyday wear. 
Products Used:

Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation
Essence Sun Club matte bronzing powder
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer 


Colours from the Naked 3 palette:
Dust (all across the lid)
Nooner (through the crease)
Darkside (in the outer corner and under the eye)
Limit (to fill in brows)
Strange (to highlight) 

Maybelline The Falsies mascara

Soap & Glory's super colour fabu-lipstick (The Missing Pink)

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

How to Add a Blog Background (Blogger)

Hey guys! Today I am doing another blog post in my series called starting a blog. If you missed the last post I did, about creating and adding a header to your blog, then click here to see it. This series is for people who aren't very good at the technical/html sort of stuff but still want a really amazing looking blog. So here is how to get a gorgeous background on your Blogger blog:

1. The first thing you are going to do is find a free background that you will be allowed use. Obviously if you are more skilled at html or design then you could design it yourself but here is what you do if you can't. You can Google " free blog backgrounds for Blogger" or you can go straight to this website that I'd recommend called Shabby Blogs. This is the website where I got my background that I love. Side note, I'm not being sponsored in any way by Shabby Blogs to write this, I just think it is a great website. So basically you go into the Shabby Blogs website, click designs and then click backgrounds.
2. Now you can see all of the free backgrounds that Shabby Blogs have to offer. I'd say that there are hundreds of backgrounds on the site, so you will most likely find something that you like. If you don't find something that you like, you can keep looking through Google, or you can pay to get a custom blog design from a site like Wonder Forest.
Examples of Shabby Blog's free backgrounds

3. Once you have chosen your background, the next step is the same, whether you got it on Shabby Blogs, somewhere else, or if you payed for it. (Although some sites will install your background for you for a small fee). So, with the background you have chosen, you will usually see a html code for it somewhere. In Shabby Blogs, you click the "get the code" button like in the picture below. 
4. Now a website like Shabby Blogs will explain everything from there, but if too many words and technical speak confuse you, don't worry, because I'm going to show you how to install it step by step with pictures.
There are different htmls for Blogger or WordPress blogs, but since this is a tutorial on how to install onto blogger, you copy the code that appears under "Blogger Install". If you found your background on any other website like this then you will also have to copy a code like this. 

5. Next you log into your Blogger account and go into the blog that you want to install the background to. Once, you are in the blog, you click layout on the left hand side of the screen just like in the picture below. 
6. Once you are in layout, you then click add a gadget. 

7. When you click add a gadget, another window will open with different options for the gadget that you want to add. Scroll down until you find HTML/JavaScript and click on the + sign to the right of it.
8. The box will then change to where you can add a title and content to your Html/JavaScript. You don't have to add any title when you are installing a background. Paste the code of you background that you copied earlier into the content box and click save.
9. You should now have a gorgeous new background added to your blog :) 
I hope you liked this post! Give it a like on Bloglovin or a +1 on Google Plus if it helped you out. Also, please let me know in the comments below if you would like me to continue this series and show you different ways of how to improve your blog, and let me know what you want to learn next. 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

My Top Tunes Right Now

Hey guys, today I wanted to share some of my favourite songs/music videos at the moment with you. There haven't been that many songs that came out recently that I love, but here are the three that I do.

I've loved this song as soon as I heard it. I usually like Ariana Grande's music and this song is no exception, it's probably one of my favourites of her songs. I loved this song before the video came out but I really like it's 60's theme, especially because of the hair and style in it. It's has the most relatable lyrics too because everyone has one that person who causes drama/problems for them whether it's a boy or a friend. 

I didn't really like this song when I first heard it but I think what really made me love it is the music video. It was filmed in one take, and I love the way it follows Kiesza around as she dances and interacts with all of the other dancers. I have to say that the dancing is my favourite part of this song/ video (not to say that it's not a really catchy song). I like that it's not the typical dancing that you would see in a music video today. Its a bit more fun and it reminds me quite a bit of 90's dancing. 
This is another song with a really great video. I just think it's so captivating, and that the young girl in it is such an amazing dancer. I wish I could dance like that. I also really love Sia's voice. Although, it can be hard to completely understand what she is singing sometimes, I think that this is a beautiful song, and that it wouldn't be half as beautiful if someone else sang it. 

So those were my top 3 songs at the moment. I hope you liked this post. If you did, let me know, so that I will know to do more of them. Also, what are your top 3 songs right now? Leave a comment below :) 

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder Review

Hey guys! Today I am reviewing Essence's Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder. Essence is one of my favourite inexpensive brands. Their products are super cheap and a lot of them are just as good as any other dear drug store alternative. This bronzer is less than five euro and I have to say that it is pretty good. It's a matte bronzer which I love because I have no time for a shimmery bronzer.
I originally liked the scent of this bronzer but now I'm not so sure, it's a bit strong smelling (but maybe that's because I'm practically putting my nose into the pan try to decide what scent it has :P) So although I wouldn't recommend sniffing this product too deeply, I was pretty happy with the scent when I was testing it on my skin over the past week. Something in my mind is saying that it has a slight orangey scent- but that may be completely wrong because I'm not the best at determining scents. However, if the scent of a product is important to you, and you don't want to trust my sniffer, you can always check if it's a scent you like before you buy it in the shop.

I like that this product is very buildable so you can choose to put on only a light layer or  to build it up to make it a lot darker depending on what you prefer. The only thing that I didn't like about it is that when I swatched it, it had a slight orange tone to it but I didn't notice it as much when I spread it out on my arms or applied it to my face. You can see for yourself from the pictures below how it came out.

Overall, I really like this product and think that it is well worth the money. If you don't have that much to spend on a bronzer then I would definitely suggest this product because it's quite good quality for such a great price. Have you ever bought this bronzer? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below :)

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Secrets of Blogging Tag

Hey guys, today I will be doing the Secrets of Blogging Tag because I was tagged by the lovely Jessica from Sherbet Lemons and Lipsticks.Thanks Jessica for tagging me :) Here is the tag:

1. When did you start blogging and why? 
I started blogging in May 2013 because I had been watching a lot of vlogs and thought that it would be something that I would really like to do. I basically started blogging so that I wouldn't have to completely put myself out there with a video and so that I could build up to that over time. I also love to write and I liked the idea of having a little piece of the internet where I could write whatever I want. 

2. How many people in "real life" know about your blog?
Only my little sister knew about my blog for the first seven months but as it got better over time, I showed it to my close family and friends. None of my work or college friends (excluding my 4 best friends) know about my blog or my Youtube channel though. 

3. What are you favourite posts to read?
I like to read inspirational sort of blog posts or even just update/daily ones from people who live really somewhere completely different to me because everything they do is really different and interesting to read about. 

4. List a blog you have discovered recently
This isn't someone that I've only recently discovered because I can't think of any new ones that I found in the last few weeks but a blog that I like to read is What Molly Loves. I just find that Molly is very likable and it feels like I'm reading a blog belonging to a friend of mine when I read hers. It doesn't matter what kind of post she posts, I'll enjoy reading it. 

5. Which posts are you most proud of? 
It's so difficult to pick only a few posts from all the ones I've done over the last year but the four that I settled on are Starting a Blog: Creating and Adding a Header, Using my Mom's Makeup and Wardrobe, My Selena Gomez Inspired Makeup look, and My London Haul Look Book. I especially loved my look book and would love to do another one by the end of this year but it's hard to do while I'm saving all my spare money that I have each month. 

6. Any advice for future bloggers?
Don't over-think about what kind of posts your audience wants to see and try to do mostly post that you want to do. I think especially at the start, when you haven't that many followers, you should experiment, see what kind of posts you like to do and find yourself as a blogger. Something that I've been worrying a bit about lately is trying to figure out what kind of vlogger/YouTuber I am because I know who I am and what I like, but when people only see a five minute video from you every week, it's hard to show them every part of your personality and sometimes I don't think I'm coming across as 100% as myself and am only showing one side of me. I'm trying to fix that and I have to keep reminding myself to be more creative and not to worry so much what my viewers think about every single little thing that I'm doing. So that's my advice, don't worry too much about what your viewers or readers will think because you can never keep everyone happy.

I tag Belle from Mascara and Maltesers, Chelsey from Makeup By Chelsey, Natalie from Coral Tinted Perceptions, and anyone else who wants to do this Tag, to do it next. 

Thanks again to Jessica for tagging me. I hope you liked this post! If you have done this tag, make sure to leave a link to it in the comments below so I can read them all :) 
Picture taken from Shabby Blogs
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Saturday, 5 July 2014

What's In My Bag?

Hey guys! Today I am doing my first ever "what's in my bag" blog post. I've wanted to do one of these for a while so here it is:

My current bag is a black over-sized one that I got from Pennys for €13 sometime in the last month. I tend to usually use big bags that I can throw loads of stuff in, including notebooks and small books during the college semester so that I don't have to wear a backpack.

Here are the contents of my bag right now:

I'll start with the messy part of my bag. I have some old payslips from work, old movie tickets, an old receipt with my hours for work written on it, and a couple of tissues that I took from McDonalds because I always like to have some tissues with me in case I need them.

The next few things I have are my book of the Ring that I am currently reading as research for my final year project in college which starts next semester, my River Island wallet that I got for Christmas, a bottle of water, and some rice cakes because I am always running around between work, college, the library and the gym, and I sometimes don't have time to get food so I have rice cakes in my bag to snack on two or three until I get home or can get food. It's not always as healthy as rice cakes though, most of the time it's a packet of biscuits or some Tayto crisps :P

Next I have my academic journal where I write my to-do list for each day (click here to see a tutorial on how to make it), a small notebook where I write all of my ideas for videos and blog posts, a Mac lipstick in Viva Glam V, some lip balm, a really cool looking pad holder by Always, a cheap mp3 player for the gym, my crappy Nokia phone, and the long strap that came with my bag that I prefer not to use.
So that was everything that's in my bag. I hope you liked this post. If you did, please give it a like on Bloglovin or a +1 on Google Plus. Do you carry anything strange around with you in your bag, if so, leave a comment below telling me about it.

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