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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Get Ready With Me | Smokey Eye With A Red Lip

Hey guys! Have you seen my first ever Get Ready With Me video yet? Here it is in case you missed it :) If you can't play it on the embedded version above then click here. Also, If you like the video please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel to get told when new videos come out.

Monday, 29 September 2014

My Soap & Glory Wishlist (Makeup)

Hey guys, today I was browsing through the Soap & Glory website and saw some makeup items that I would love to try out. Although above they are labelled by numbers, the items are in no order of preference. Okay, so onto the products.

1. Smooch Operator Lip Butter Balm €5.85 (£5)
I love lip balms so I want this. I don't think there is anything different about it than other lip balms but from the reviews I've read, it is extremely moisturising and it lasts for a really long time. Since I've tried Soap & Glory's bath and body products before which are almost always both of those things, I believe that this would be a great product for the winter months to keep your lips from getting chapped.

2. Peach Party Multi-Colour Blush Brick €12.87 (£11)
I really love peachy toned makeup products and I have the pink version of this (Love At First Blush), so I thought that this product would be perfect for me. It also has gold and copper tones to luminise the skin and give you a gorgeous glow which is great because who doesn't want gorgeous radiant skin.

3. Kick Ass Blur & Brighten Concealer Crayon €7.02  (£6)
I had the original Kick Ass concealer on a wishlist that I wrote a couple of months ago but I haven't gotten around to getting it yet so instead of putting the same thing twice, I decided to include this concealer crayon which is supposed to be really similar to the original but it is in crayon form for easy application.  The perfect product to just pop in your handbag when you are on the go.

4. The Daily Double All-Day Lid Shadow Colour & Liner Stick €9.95 (£8.50)
I rarely use lid shadow crayons but I love the idea of them. This product is a 2 in 1 product with both a shadow crayon and an eye liner. I'd love to give it a try and see what it's like. Also, it comes in a couple of different colours so that you have a few to choose from.

5. Supercat Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner Pen  €7.02 (£6)
I love eyeliner pens. Every time I see one, I want to try it out and see what it's like. This one looks really cool and looks easy to use. It reminds me of the Essence one that I love but I've ran out of.

So those are the products that I'm dying to try out at the moment. I hope you liked this post. Do you have any of the products from this post? Which would you like to try out the most? Leave a comment down below. 

Saturday, 27 September 2014

NOTD: Speckled Nails

Hey guys!! Today I thought that I would show you a quick nail of the day which was created using the Seventeen colour clash nail effects polish. This polish makes it so easy to take any boring colour to the next level. I think this would also be great over a light pink or baby blue nail polish to create a sort of speckled egg look. Today I'm wearing it over Essie's Bahama Mama. What do you think?

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Speedy Makeup Challenge

Hey guys, so last week on my YouTube channel I did the speedy makeup challenge, which is where you do your makeup in just 3 minutes. I typically spend 35 minutes to an hour doing my makeup so this was a real challenge for me. I've embedded it below in case you haven't seen it yet. 

I hope you liked the video. If you can't see the embedded version, click here. Have you ever attempted the speedy makeup challenge?? If not, what was the shortest time you had to get you makeup done? Did you succeed? Leave a comment below.

Friday, 19 September 2014

My Top Picks From Urban Outfitters (Europe)

Hey guys, so as I said I would in my last post, I am showing you my top picks from Urban Outfitters (Europe). I don't know if would ever buy any of these because they are super, super expensive. But if we were living in a dream world and money was no object, then this would be the items that I would choose from the new collections at Urban Outfitters. (If you are from the US, check out my top picks from Urban Outfitters from the US site which has different collections.)

1. Suede Patch Jumper (€90)
I love this jumper. Living in Ireland, it is really annoying when you find a nice top, but you end up having to cover it up with a hoody anyway because it's so cold outside, so I really love nice sweaters or jumpers that keep you warm and look great at same time. This one is so pretty, and I just love the elbow patches.

I love these jeans because they remind me of the 90s. They're quite different from what you usually see but I love how cool and relaxed they are. This is the item that I would be most likely to buy from this post but they shouldn't be €85. I would gladly but them at around the €40 mark but I just couldn't justify €85 on a pair of jeans. 

This cardigan is perfect for the winter months.I really love the length and how it looks on the model, but I can't help feeling that I would be swallowed by it. I would definitely have to try it on before buying it, but I love the knit design and think that I would get a lot of wear out of it during the autumn and winter months. 

4. Bambi 42 Tote Bag (€55)
This bag with Bambi all over it is so cute. One thing that I love about this bag is that it's not too overly cute which it could have been. It has a sort of urban edge to it with the 42 print. It's also pretty inexpensive compared to other Urban Outfitter products which is great because it's not uncommon for a bag to be €50.

Another sweatshirt for the autumn and winter months. I really love the sheer detail on it that really differentiates it and makes it a bit more elegant than other sweatshirts. Have you noticed the price tag however? It's €290!! That is crazy money for a sweatshirt. I could never actually pay that much for it.

Anyway, crazy prices aside, I hope you liked this blog post, and that it helped you to see some of the new collection from Urban Outfitters (europe site). What do you think of Urban Outfitters? Is it one of your favourite shops or do you think they are very overrated? Leave a comment below.

Monday, 15 September 2014

My Top Picks From Urban Outfitters

Hey guys, today I'm sharing my top picks from the "new in" section of the Urban Outfitters website with you all. Urban Outfitters has a lot of really cool clothes which are always way too expensive for me to actually buy... but a girl can dream :P The bad news for my readers from Europe is that most of these are only available from the US website. I didn't realize this at first but I figured that since a lot of my readers are from the US that I would still post this, but I will do another one from their Europe site later in the week so hopefully nobody is missing out. Anyway, it's still interesting to see what kind of cool clothes the US website has to offer. So here are my top 5 items of the new collection in Urban Outfitters US.

1. Hooded Parka Jacket ($169)
This jacket looks so comfy and warm. I love it! It has this really amazing hood that you can't see in the picture but make sure to click on the link above to see it. I just think that this jacket is so gorgeous and unique for the winter months.

2. Black Heeled Boots ($130)
I love ankle boots and these ones are very versatile; they could be worn as either casual or dressy depending on what you wore them with. The perfect staple for anyone's wardrobe.

3. Blue Striped Fuzzy Cardigan ($89)
This cardigan just looks like the most fuzziest, coziest item of clothing in existence, so perfect for winter, especially at Christmas time. I can see this worn really casually with jeans or quite dressy with a skirt, boots and a nice top. Love it, love it, love it!!

4. Maxi Button-Down Shirt ($79)
This is a item that I'm not sure I would wear but I just loved the idea of it, and I have never seen anything like it before. A great way to look casual and stand out a the same time!

5. Lace Maxi Skirt ($79)
This skirt is really beautiful but I wouldn't wear it with the clothes that it is paired with in the picture. I would wear it with heels, a nice top and a gold statement necklace on a night out, because I think that it would really make you stand out and look stunning.

I hope you liked this post. If you did please give it a like on Bloglovin or a +1 on Google Plus. Which is your favourite of the items above? Do you shop at Urban Outfitters? Leave a comment below.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

REVIEW: ZARA Woman Champs Elysees Perfume

Today, I want to review a fairly new perfume of mine, a Zara Woman perfume that I love (92. Champs Elysees Paris). I first came across this perfume when my sister bought one a year or two ago, and I loved its scent. It smells so beautiful and elegant, yet soft, so it's not one of those strong scents that old grannies wear. The main fragrances in this perfume are vanilla, jasmine, caramel, and patchouli. It has a musky oriental touch to it that makes it smell amazing. It also has loads of little, minuscule white or silver flecks in it that makes it look really gorgeous that you can see in one of the pictures below.
ZARA woman champs elysees perfume review
Another thing that is great about this perfume is that it lasts for a really long time. It is one of those perfumes that you can still smell later in the day and doesn't just instantly disappear within a few minutes. I apply it in the morning and I can still smell it hours later, in the evening when I come home. One obviously great thing about this perfume is the packaging. The bottle is so gorgeous. It is one of those old-fashioned bottles with an atomizer. I love it. The only thing that you could probably say bad about it is that it probably isn't very travel friendly but that doesn't really matter to me. If you really want to bring some with you, you could fill up one of those perfume travel bottles that you can get from Boots and other chemists. 
Zara woman champs elysees paris perfume full review
The other great thing about thing about this product is that it's pretty inexpensive. I think it retails around the €20 mark (maybe €25). I actually got mine for free in work. This was because it was a tester that was broken and the atomizer/sprayer wouldn't work (I don't think that they break very often, but I'm sure you could return it if it did). I thought that whatever I would do whether it would be smashing the bottle open and filling up a new one with this perfume, or just using the bottle as a decoration in my room, that I definitely wanted it. It's too good a perfume to throw away and it was still completely full. The good news is that after a lot, and a lot more, of struggling with it, the sprayer actually does work now, it just takes a spray or two before something will come out. I'm so happy that I have this perfume because I absolutely love it, and it's great that it won't be too expensive to repurchase when this one runs out. 

I also got two other perfumes for free that I will be reviewing in the next while. The only thing about those is that nobody wanted them because they didn't like their scent but I thought I might as well take them to review them, especially since they would have ended up in the bin otherwise. 

Overall, I love this Champs Elysees perfume and don't have a bad thing to say about it. It smells amazing, the bottle is gorgeous, it lasts all day and it doesn't break the bank -the perfect perfume! 
Have you ever tried any the Zara perfumes before? What do you think of them? Are they worth the money? Leave a comment down below.

Also, if you liked this post or are just looking for a new perfume at the moment, here are some more perfume reviews that I have written:

Have a great day and I'll talk to you soon.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Beauty Haul From Boots

Hey guys, so as you may have seen in this week's video, I recently went on a shopping spree in Boots and got a couple of new makeup items, some that were on offer and some that weren't.

If you are wondering, I will be writing reviews on all these products in the next while so make sure to check back or follow my blog on Bloglovin' to be notified when they come out. Now onto the haul items:

If you haven't yet seen my haul video then you can watch it below. If you like it, please think about giving it a like or subscribing to my YouTube channel to see more of my videos :)

I hope you liked this post! Do you think I should do more hauls? Leave a comment down below letting me know what you think :)

Monday, 8 September 2014

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish Review

Hey guys, so if you saw my NOTD last week then you will have known that this review was coming. It's my Rimmel 60 second nail polish review. The colour that I got was Coralicious and I wasn't sure if it was too bright for me or not when I wrote my NOTD.  Since then I've had more time to get used to it and the colour has grown on me. Also, I've gotten a couple of compliments on my nails over the last week since I started wearing it, but that might be just because it's are so bright that it draws peoples attention to your nails straight away haha. 

Anyway, forget about the colour (which I do actually like) for a moment, and lets discuss the quality of this nail polish. I was really pleasantly surprised at how good it was for only €4.99. It applied really easily unlike some other nail polishes that say they dry in 60 seconds, which I sometimes find can be hard to apply because they are almost instantly drying and that makes it really hard to get a perfect finish. This one however, apply really easily and dried super quick too. The best of both worlds!

This nail polish also lasted a great amount of time without chipping. It lasted two whole days in work, where I'm constantly taking off stickers, opening boxes and closing hundreds of tiny buttons, before it chipped. This is really good going for a nail polish. Any ones I've tried other that Essie and O.P.I haven't even lasted a day in work, and I can rarely go a day without breaking a nail if I'm not wearing any nail polish at all so I was extremely happy with this one. 

Overall I'm really happy with this nail polish and would definitely buy some more colours because it's great quality and it's fairly inexpensive at the same time. I hope you liked this post. If you did, please give it a like on Bloglovin or a +1 on Google plus :) Have you ever tried one of the Rimmel 60 second nail polishes? Leave a comment down below telling me what you thought of it.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Go Easy On Yourself!


Hey guys, today I thought that I would share this quote with you because I think we all need to be reminded to go easy on ourselves at some point or another. We put so much pressure on ourselves at times and sometimes it feels like nothing is going right. I know that I am a big perfectionist and if everything is not perfect then I at least want it to be really good, and if it's not really good then I feel like a bit of a failure. I think I need to remember that I'm taking on a lot this year and it is an accomplishment in itself just to juggle everything. Sometimes things just need to be okay - not perfect, and not better than everyone else - just okay. Even if they are not okay and you are struggling, at least you are trying.

I think that whatever is going on this week, and you are feeling a bit crap about things then just remember to go easy on yourself. You are only human so you don't have to feel so guilty for cheating on your diet, going on that mad shopping spree or messing up in work this week. Give yourself a break and reward yourself for continuing to try anyway, no matter what the outcome. When you are stressed out or feeling bad, remember this quote, and I talk to you lovely lot later in the week :)

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