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Monday, 26 January 2015

The SAG Awards 2015: My Best and Worst Dressed

Hey guys, as you already probably know, the Screen Actors Guild awards was on last night so as promised, here are my best and worst dressed. There were so many amazing looks on the night that I had to leave out some on my list because it was getting way too long and I was almost hard pressed for my worst looks. So lets start with the best dressed:

Best Dressed

Emma Stone
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

I had to choose Emma Stone again for my best dressed. I feel like all I'm seeing on the red carpets lately is the same thing again and again, gorgeous dresses but not much that stands out. Emma's Dior look was one that was completely different from anything I'd seen on the red carpet before and so sheek. I love the simple shoes and accessories, including a stunning ear cuff. I had to name her best dressed even though I would have liked not to put the same person twice in a row but I just thought the look was amazing and I even prefer it to her Golden Globes look. This is a look that I think will be talked about for years to come during award season.

Emmy Rossum
Kevork Djansezian/ Getty Images
This Armani Privé gown is so stunning. I really like the sort of sheer lacy detail it has. It was definitely a wow moment for me when I first saw this on the red carpet. The diamond necklace is perfect with it and the entire look together is just amazing and so elegant.

Julie Bowen
Kevork Djansezian/ Getty Images
Julie Bowen's Georges Hobeika dress is really pretty and quite girly. I love everything about this dress from the floral detailing to the fabric belt with a bow that cinches in her waist. I also really like that she paired it with a simple fresh makeup look and stud diamond earrings because this dress did all the talking on it's own.

Felicity Jones
Kevork Djansezian/ Getty Images
This stunning pale pink fitting gown by Balenciaga looked amazing on Felicity Jones. I think it complimented her skin tone so beautifully and this look to me, with everything combined, showed her as a beautiful English rose. It was so elegant and perfect with her paler skin tone that I just couldn't help but think that when I saw her.

Sofia Vergara
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP
Sofia Vergara looked so hot in this deep red Donna Karan dress. This look to me is so effortlessly stunning but then again I guess when Sofia Vergara rolls out of bed in the morning that she looks effortlessly stunning. Love the dress, love the hair, and love the red lip!

Keira Knightley 
Kevin Mazur/Wire Image
Keira Knightley rocked her baby bump on the night in this purple Erdem gown. This picture doesn't really do it justice and it looked so much better from the side while she was walking down the carpet. I loved this dress on her before I even realised that she was pregnant. The hair was just perfect with it and I loved the look. The perfect way to show of a baby bump on the red carpet!

Sarah Hyland
Ethan Miller/Getty Images
This custom Vera Wang dress is so cool. Surprisingly, I really love this colour on her and think the jeweled bodice takes it to the next level and gives it a bit more of an edgy look.

Reese Witherspoon
Jordan Strauss/ Invision/AP
There really isn't much to say about this look. Reese nailed it again and looked amazing. This Armani gown was a great fit on her and she looked stunning. 

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting
Lester Cohen/Wire Image
This simple fitted Romona Keveza dress was great on Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting. Not much to say about the dress but it fitted her beautifully and the colour was great with her skin tone. I also really like the metallic clutch bag, and as you would have probably already guessed, the simple accessories. One thing that I don't like, which is not just for the SAG awards but in general, is her hair. I much preferred her long hair, although there is no denying that she can pull off this short do.

Natalie Dormer
Ethan Miller/ Getty Images
I liked this flowery Naeem Kahn dress and the one shoulder look it has going on. Her hair style with it compliments the dress a lot and I don't think I would have liked it as much with a simple updo. I feel that there is something slightly off with this dress though that I can't quite put my finger on and that's why it is so far down the list.

Now onto what everyone is waiting for; the worst dressed of the night.

Worst Dressed

Lo Bosworth
Jordan Strauss/Invison/AP

The fit of this dress was just completely wrong. It looks like a sort of flesh coloured sack that does nothing for her.  I also don't like her hair or makeup, they're quite 90's but I really like her shoes. 

Lorelei Linklater
Theo Wargo/Wire Image
This probably would have been a nice dress if not for the crazy sleeves. I can't understand if it was worn wrong or if the dress was actually supposed to look like this. It's really sort of pilgrim-esque and I don't see how she can even use her hands with these bell sleeves. 

Laura Carmichael 
Jordan Strauss/ Invision/ AP
This dress just doesn't work for me. The mixture of the two fabrics looks really strange. It would have looked better if it was just the one fabric because the layered effect isn't working, it looks kind of frumpy or something.

Sophia Bush
Jordan Strauss/Invision/ AP
I really like Sophia Bush and think she is so beautiful but I don't like this dress. It doesn't seem to fit right and it's quite weird that you can see the lining underneath in the pictures. I preferred her as a brunette but this hairstyle is very Hollywood glamour, perfect for a red carpet and I love the shoes. The dress just looks sort of strange especially around her midriff so I had to put it on my list.

So those are all my best and worst looks from the Screen Actor's Guild awards. I hope you liked this post! Make sure to give it a +1 on Google Plus or save it on Bloglovin' if you did and make sure to let me know in the comments below who was your best and worst dressed of the night.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

NOTD: Sparkly Blue Feather Look Nails

Hey guys, how is everyone? For today's nail of the day, I've done silver and blue sparkly nails. My Nana recently came back from holidays and she bought me some presents, including the two nail polishes that I used for these nails. I created a nail look by first applying the silver and then putting the blue sparkly nail polish on top. Below are the two nail polishes I used:
Let me know what you think of these nails in the comments below. I usually go for a bit more neutral nails but loads of people have been complementing me on these ones so maybe I will wear them every so often. Also let me know in the comments if you prefer sparkly nails or more neutral nails? The SAG Award are on tonight so I'm excited to watch them and pick out my best and worst dressed so keep an eye out for that blog post in the next few days.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Natural Collection Concealer Review

Hey guys! Today I am reviewing the Natural Collection Concealer which is only €2.49. I picked this up in my Boot's haul a few months ago and wasn't expecting anything special. To my surprise it is actually pretty good. It's one of the top two concealers that I always reach for lately, the other one being the Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer. They both have the same type of application, a stick with an applicator at the end that reaches far into the tube to get a lot of product. 

What I like about this concealer is that it is creamy enough to be blended well but it also has quite a good staying power and doesn't just wipe completely off your face as your are applying it. It drys quite fast so you need to blend it pretty fast but you have enough time to do it, just don't leave it a minute before blending it out. 

One thing that I don't really like about the product is that it doesn't smell very good. It has kind of a strong smell like nail polish or something like that but you don't smell it once the concealer has been applied. It's more when you first open it that you can smell it quite strongly. The pictures below are my before and after results.
Overall I really like this product. It's great value for money and it works really well. The smell isn't that great but you would get over it for the price. If you are interested, you can get this concealer in any Boots store. Have you ever tried this concealer before? Let me know in the comments what you thought of it or what your favorite concealer is right now if you have never used this one. 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Stay Positive

Source Image
Hey guys, how is everyone today? I've decided to do this post to remind you all to be positive and to look forward to all the good things that are going to happen this year. Even if things are bad in your life right now and it may seem like it might never get better, just remember this: good things are going to happen - maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next week and maybe not even next month but eventually things will get better and good things will happen for you. You just have to wait out the bad stuff because it will eventually pass.

One great thing about keeping this quote in your mind each day is that it will help to lift your mood and positivity levels. Even if you don't believe it now, after a while you will start to believe it and feel more positive about everything, because good things are going to happen for you..yes you! As hard as it may be to believe right now.. things do get better :) Have a great day :)

Thursday, 15 January 2015

NOTD: Satin Praline

Hey guys, today I am showing you a new nail of the day. I got this nail polish a few months ago and I wasn't really pleased with the colour. It's a Natural Collection nail polish in the colour Praline. There is just something about it that makes me feel like I have a 90 year old woman's nails, I think it's the satin finish. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I'll make sure to do a full review of the nail polish in the coming weeks and go into detail about quality and things like that so make sure to keep an eye out.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Golden Globes 2015: Best and Worst Dressed

Hey guys! Welcome to the first fashion blog post of award season: the best and worst dressed of the Golden Globes. So lets start with out best dressed.
Best Dressed

Emma Stone
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP
I've decided to pick Emma Stone as my best dressed of the night. I have a feeling that Jennifer Lopez will be a strong contender for the best dressed on most other peoples lists and she is one of my best dressed, but I wasn't really wowed by the dress and my mind kept coming back to Emma Stone. J Lo had that initial wow moment but I figured it wasn't something I would ever think to wear and I didn't really feel that connected to it, do you know the way you can think back to an awards show a few years ago and remember the most amazing dress just like it was on last night. With J Lo out of the picture I had a few strong contenders but my gut feeling was to say Emma Stone. I love that she went for a jumpsuit, unlike anyone else I saw on that red carpet. There were many stunning dresses that were head to toe bling and I loved that Emma had a much more muted look that had a bit of sparkle to give it a bit of oomph. I wasn't sure what I thought about the big bow at first but now I've decided that it really dresses up the look, and at the Golden Globes the jumpsuit on its own might have been a bit too casual. Overall, I love it and love that she did something a bit different to the dozens of women in fitted sparkly gowns.

Kate Beckinsale
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP
My next best dressed is Kate Beckinsale. This was extremely close to getting best dressed because I think she looks stunning. Everything about this look is perfect. I love the dress, I love the accessories, I love the up-style with it, and I think the makeup is beautiful. This is a bit more me than a lot of the other dresses. I could see myself wearing this dress. It's quite classy and has the lovely jeweled top without looking tacky by having lots of giant, horrible looking gems covering it which sometimes happens.

Chrissy Teigen
Jason Merritt/Getty Images
My next best dressed is Chrissy Teigan, who is the wife of John Legend. She is wearing Zuhair Murad. I love the sort of lace effect of this dress but I actually hadn't planned on putting her this high up the list until I saw the photos. This dress looks so amazing in the pictures in a way that I didn't notice in the video footage. The camera really captures all of the intricate details of the dress and it looks so pretty. Loving the hair and accessories too. 

Jennifer Lopez
Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Next we have Jennifer Lopez who I've already spoke about a bit. So I've explained why I didn't give her best dressed although I definitely think she will be no.1 on other people's lists. She is also wearing Zuhair Murhad. The cape really adds to the look and makes it more epic. It reminds me a bit of Lupita Nyong'o at the Golden Globes last year. I love capes and they definitely add to a dress' wow factor but since Lupita rocked a cape at this event last year and it was such a big fashion moment, I felt that it kind of took the edge out of J Lo's look this year. I really love her sparkly shoes and earrings. Also, I felt her sultry makeup really added to the look and that it mightn't have worked as well without it. 

Diane Kruger
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Next is Diane Kruger wearing Emelia Wickstead and looking simply stunning. Just because fitted sparkly dresses were quite common on this red carpet doesn't meaning they weren't completely beautiful. I definitely had a wow moment when I first saw Diane in this dress. 

Jessica Chastain 
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP
Jessica Chastain looks like a stunning siren in this Atelier Versace figure hugging dress. I absolutely love the hair. She is channeling old Hollywood glamour with this look. I find that dress didn't photograph that well and looked a lot more stunning in the live footage. 

Naomi Watts
John Shearer/ Invision/AP
I loved Naomi's canary yellow Gucci dress. The belt with the frosted buckle really just added the perfect touch, and to make sure she stood out, she added a diamond Bvlgari statement necklace in the shape of a serpent. Stunning! The only thing I would have changed was the clutch. I felt that the white or creamy colour of the bag slightly clashed with the rest of the look. 

Now let's move right on to the worst dressed. I only have four women chosen to be in my worst dressed this year, although I am sure they're were I few more that I didn't have time to add so I let them off the hook. Here are my worst dressed:

Worst Dressed

Claire Danes
Jason Merritt/ Getty Images
This Valentino dress just has way too much going on. I hate the amount of feathers on it. It would take like twenty birds to make this dress if they used real feathers. The only way I think this could have worked was if the skirt of the dress was paired with a really simple black top. However, as is, with the crazy feathery top, the plunging neckline and sheer material, it is all way to much and it looks a little bit like big bird threw up on her. Also, the earrings were a terrible addition to the look. Way too matchy matchy. 

Rosamund Pike
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

This was the first dress I saw this award season and I was very disappointed with it, especially because it's Vera Wang. The bottom of the dress in stunning but I absolutely hate the top. The fit is horrible, the little crisscross sting straps are horrible and it just gives her a horrible shape. I know that Rosamund has recently had a baby so it's supposed to be almost a version of a maternity dress but I just think it did nothing for her.

Keira Knightley 
Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Keira Knightley is the second person on this list with some sort of bird theme in this Channel dress. The strangest thing about this is that most of the people on the worst dressed list are wearing amazing designers. I sort of got where they were going with this dress but I just think they didn't pull it off. It makes Keira look frumpy, which I would have thought to be impossible, but this dress did it. Maybe if the bottom frills were removed, the waistband was lowered and the butterfly corsage didn't exist, it may have been salvageable, but it's a bit of a long shot.

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP
The last person who made it on to our worst dressed list, and just barely made it on, is Lorde. She is wearing custom Narciso Rodriguez. I liked the idea of what she was trying to do, the suit with the crop top and the diamond necklace, but it just wasn't executed well. The trousers were way too long for her and it sort of seemed like a little girl dressing up in her dad's suit. I also didn't like the jacket or the trousers individually, but I think the look could have been amazing with a different jacket and trousers that fit a bit better. I loved the necklace but the hair ruined everything for me. You can't see it in the picture but it is a long, straight, low ponytail and I just didn't like it on her. I much prefer her curls. I think she was channeling a bit of Janice Ian from Mean Girls with this look and it just missed best dressed because of the execution. 

So that's it for the first big red carpet of award season. I hope you liked this post! Let me know which other award shows you are excited to see my best and worst dressed from, and I will make sure to do them. Also, leave a comment down below, telling me who was your best and worst dressed of the night. 

Friday, 9 January 2015

My Favourite Videos from 2014

Hey guys, so, because my last post was my favourite blog posts from 2014, I thought that for this post I would do my favourite YouTube videos from 2014. Below are 8 of my favourite videos that I made in 2014. These are in chronological order so some of them actually get better as you go on.

The first video is a the Cotton Wool Ball Challenge that I did with my friend, Aoife. This was so much fun to do and I just loved filming this video. The rules of the game are that you have to blindfold yourself and then try to spoon out as many cotton wool balls out of a bowl and put them onto a plate on your head. The person who gets the most wins, and the person who loses has to suck a lemon.
The next video is the first ever sketch that I did. It's called Annoying Teachers. This was really funny to film, especially because I got to draw on a fake mustache and dress up. In the video, I talk about all they different types of annoying teachers I had in school. 
The next video is called Things I Do When Driving. In this video, I talk about all the weird and funny things I do when I'm driving around. 
The next video is the TMI Tag! I answered all of the personal questions in the tag and a lot of people really liked this video. 
The next video is another sketch, What Not to Do in an Interview. Sketches take a lot more work and time to film but they are so fun to film and this one was no exception. 
The next video is a Get Ready With Me. In this video, I create smokey eye look with a red lip.  
The next video is a sort of vlog where I talk about how I don't know what to do with my life. I love how this video came out and it was really funny to film. It is one of my overall favourites, if not my favourite, from all my videos. 
The last video on the list is my 1st ever gaming video where I play The Sims 4. I'm so happy that lots of my viewers really love my Sims series because I wasn't sure how they would take it as it it so different to my other videos. 

So that's it. My favourites of my YouTube videos from 2014. I hope you enjoyed watching one or two of them and that they might have made you laugh or helped you. If you would like to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel to be notified when I make new videos, click here so you can go there and subscribe.

Also, Red Carpet Season is coming up/ may have already started so leave a comment below letting me know which award shows you would like me to do my Best and Worst dressed of.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Favourite Posts From 2014

Hey guys, I hope you are all having a great 2015 so far. For today's blog post I thought that I would look back at my favourite blog posts from 2014 and share them with you.  This is in the order the posts were published, not in order of preference, so it's starts from January and goes on from there. So here we go.

The first post is The Screen Actors Guild Awards 2014: My Best and Worst Dressed. In this post I pick my best and worst dressed of the SAG Awards like I did with a lot of other award ceremonies last year. Award season is coming up once again and I will be doing all my best and worst looks from the red carpets so keep an eye out if you like those sort of posts.
The next post is one called "Getting Up Early" where I talk about how much better I felt when I got up early and got all of my work done instead of leaving it hang over me all day until I finally did it.
The next post is my review of Benefit's Coralista blush from April which is one of my favourite blushes to use throughout the year.
Now on to another Benefit post: My Benefit Wishlist. In this post I list the top 5 Benefit products on my wishlist and explain why I think they would be great additions to my makeup collection. 

The next few posts are all blogger tutorials which are some of my most viewed posts on my blog. The first two are Starting a Blog: Creating and Adding a Header, and Starting a Blog: Adding a Background.
The next post in another blogger tutorial where I show you how to add social media icons to your blog
And finally, the last post is a simple autumnal outfit that I put together as a fashion post. This is my Snuggly Fall Fashion Look.
So those are my top blog posts from 2014. I hope you liked them and had a great 2014. Leave a comment below telling me which one of these posts was your favourite, or if you had another favourite that didn't even make it to this list. 

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