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Monday, 30 March 2015

80's Night

Hey guys, so the other night, my friend and I decided to have a bit of an 80's night. I was so excited to try to recreate one of my favourite looks for the 80's - that of Taylor Dayne in the Tell it to my Heart music video. It wasn't the most attractive makeup look - orange eye makeup with a red lip but I really loved it. I tried to make my hair as big as humanly possible which proved to be a pretty difficult task so I basically just wore it a little messier than usual. Below are some pictures of the hair and makeup that I wore:
I also tried to recreate the outfit Taylor Dayne wore in the video as much as possible so I wore all black with a leather jacket and ankle boots. I love the 80's fashion and music so much that it was nice to escape all the college work I have at the moment and go back to the 80's for a night. Below is the outfit I wore along with the music video that inspired the look. I know her hair is a bit crazy but I would actually really love to try get my hair like that for a night, it is so cool!
I hope you liked this post. I might do another one in the future of maybe more 80's night looks or other decades like the 90's or 70's. I've been thinking of maybe doing a series on my YouTube channel of hair and makeup tutorials from different time periods so please leave a comment below or save this post on Bloglovin if you would like to see that, and i'll talk to you soon.

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Boohoo Wishlist

Hey guys! So if you saw my last post, you will know that I was recently shopping on I ended up buying quite a bit (I'll do a haul once I have gotten the delivery) but there were a couple of things that I wanted but didn't get because I had already spent too much. Today I am showing you these picks that I will have to wait another day to buy. Here are the 5 items that I chose:

Bomber Jacket €47.00
I really like this bomber jacket. It's cool, casual and will actually keep you somewhat warm at the same time. You could wear this with so many everyday outfits. I have a winter one that is really similar to it with a fur hood so I decided not to get it right now.

Oversized Jumper €18.00
I love oversized jumpers so much. This one is gorgeous. I love how it was paired with a statement necklace on the model to dress it up but you could also just throw this on for a lazy day or a day of classes. I actually didn't see this until after I had placed my order, otherwise I think I would have got it.

Lace up Hiker Boot €24.00
I am in love with these boots. I got about four different pairs of shoes in my haul but these are actually my favourite on the whole site. Unfortunately, they don't come in my size. They only sizes they come in are 6,7 and 8 but I really wish they came in a 4 or 5. I've been looking for casual, comfortable ankle boots for a while, and what I love about these is that you can wear them with both jeans, skirts and dresses. Alas, C'est la vie! Maybe they will come in in my size one day.

Basketball Logo Vest €8.00
This is a casual inexpensive vest that I wanted to get to wear with a checked shirt the way the model is in the picture. It's a simple, casual vest to throw on that can be dressed up a bit with boots, skinny jeans and a check shirt around the waist, but can also be worn with joggers to the gym or a dance class.

Tartan Check Oversized Chiffon Shirt €24.00
I've wanted to do the check shirt around the waist look for a while now. I love it! It's a great way to give a really casual look a stylish edge. This shirt, however, was way too expensive for what I need it for. I think i'll wait a little longer and try to find a cheaper alternative.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you liked any of the items in it then make sure to click on the links above to be brought straight to the site. boohoo are actually doing 10 percent off everything except clearance right now if you enter the code TREAT at the checkout until midnight tonight (as in the end of Saturday 28th of March/beginning of Sunday 29th of March) if you want to take advantage of that. I can't wait to share my haul with you guys when I get it. I'll talk to you soon.

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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Free Shipping at

Hey guys , I just wanted to quickly let ye know that there is free shipping for everything on until midnight tonight (Sunday, 22 March 2015) so if ye want to get anything, now is the time! I'm really trying to resist the urge to go mad and buy a whole new summer wardrobe but hopefully the impulse will have calmed down slightly by midnight. Enjoy your shopping and i'll talk to you soon.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Happy Saint Patrick's day everyone! I hope you all have a great day :) Please enjoy this picture of a micro-pig leprechaun pushing around a trolley with a pint of Guinness in it:
Cuinis Bothar CallĂ­n Baine!

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Benefit's Some Kind-a Gorgeous Review

Hey guys, today I am reviewing Benefit's Some Kind-a Gorgeous Foundation Faker. The is a pretty expensive product and retails at about €30-€35. You basically apply it like a foundation with a brush or the sponge provided. It has a lovely silky sort of feeling when it is being applied but with my skin type I feel that it sort of highlights the dry areas and looks a bit flaky. A friend of mine who has more of an oily skin type tried it and loved it but I'm not crazy about it on my skin. I feel it doesn't last very long, only a few hours and because it is a foundation faker, the coverage isn't great, it's just something to throw on in the mornings to even out your skin tone.

I really love the packaging, and think it is so cute! Benefit always has really great packaging and I love the idea of making it look like a vinyl record. It's pretty handy that it has quite a big mirror for a compact and I sometimes use it when applying my makeup on the go. One thing that is a bit misleading about it is that there is very little product in it although it gives the impression that it would fill the whole area of the packaging. As you can see in the picture, it hits the pan quite early and doesn't hold half as much product as it appears to. The bottom of the packaging contains a compartment that holds the foundation sponge.

As I said already, I'm not crazy about this product and I mostly used it because I was trying to get my money's worth as it's fairly expensive after all. I definitely wouldn't repurchase it because it is just way too expensive for what you get. I also think that if you are going to pay €30 or more for a product that you might as well get a full foundation with better coverage than a foundation faker to doesn't do everything a foundation does. What do you think? Have you ever tried out the product? Did you like it, and if so what skin type do you have? Let me know in the comments below and i'll talk to you soon.

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Monday, 9 March 2015

What's In My Bag

Hey guys! How are you all? So recently I bought a new handbag and decided to show you all what's in my bag. I hope you enjoy the video below and if you do then make sure to subscribe to my channel so my new videos will appear in your subscription feed. 

Here is link to the video in case the embedded player doesn't work on the device you are using. 
Talk to you guys soon. 

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