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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Fresh Start

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Hey guys, so I'm not going to lie.. I had a pretty terrible last few days and I messed things up quite a bit. The end is almost in sight for all the college work I have to do, but juggling everything is really starting to take it's toll and things are finally starting to slip. Do you ever have one of those weeks where everything just goes wrong?? Well, if you have had a similar week to me then I think the first thing we need to do is accept what has already happened and move on. There is no point dwelling on the past. Everyone makes mistakes. Annoying things happen. That's life. Think of what you can do to fix or improve the situation if anything can be done, otherwise forget about it.

Tomorrow is a new day.. or if you are like me, you can even say that you are making a fresh right now (because I don't really have the time to wait til tomorrow to get back on the horse :P). Look to the future and not to the past, or better yet, enjoy the present! Tomorrow is a new day and anything can happen...even something really amazing! I hope that this post helped to cheer someone up who might not have had the best week. I know it can be really difficult sometimes but we have to try to remind ourselves to be positive. Nothing good comes from being negative. I hope ye all are well and I'll talk to you soon.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

NOTD: Barry M Nail Paint (Papaya)

Hey guys, here is the new nail colour that I have been rocking lately. It's a Barry M Nail Paint in the colour Papaya. It reminds me a little bit of the Bourjois So Laque nail polish in Abricot Ouaté except it is darker and a bit more or a coral colour. This is quite a bit lighter in real life than it photographed in the picture below but I couldn't seem to capture it right.

I'm going to use this nail polish so much throughout the summer; I've already been wearing it for the last few weeks. I'll make sure to review the Barry M Hi Shine Nail Paints soon when I have properly tested them out but I'm loving them so far.

I hope you liked this post! If you are interested in getting this nail polish, you can buy it here on Amazon or in any Boots store. I hope you are having a great day and i'll talk to you later. 

*MissLauraBora's Blog

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My MAC Eye Shadow Collection

Hey guys! For today's blog post, I thought that I would share my Mac eye shadow collection with you all. I went a little crazy about a year or two ago and went out and bought a custom palette. I chose mostly neutral colours because I love neutral eye shadows and subtle makeup looks. 

I remember when I bought the palette, they didn't actually have the case to put it in and I had to leave the eye shadows in the insert case for a few months while I waited for them to get the new cases. I was so happy when the cases came in because now my palette actually looks complete! So here is a run-through of each of the eye shadow in my palettes:
Top line L-R: Brule, Honey Lust, Quarry,Omega, Espresso,
Middle Line L-R: Nylon,Woodwinked, All That Glitters, Satin Taupe, Smut,
Bottom Line L-R: Naked Lunch, Mulch, Coppering, Charcoal Brown, Carbon

Here are the swatches:
A lowdown on each of the shadows:

Brule: A lovely natural highlight. 

Nylon: A bright shimmery white that looks great in the inner corner (Tip by Tanya Burr)

Naked Lunch: I love this shimmery pink shadow all over the lid with Mulch in the crease. 

Honey Lust: An extremely shimmery shadow with a rose gold tint. This one gives a lot of fall out. 

Woodwinked: A gorgeous deep shimmery gold shadow. 

Mulch: One of my favourites. A dark shimmery brown. 

Quarry: A light matte purple eye shadow. 

All That Glitters: A really pretty shimmery gold neutral shadow. 

Coppering: A shimmery red colour to go all over the lid. 

Omega: A light matte brown. 

Satin Taupe: A gorgeous shimmery purpley sort of colour great for all over the lid or through the crease with a lighter colour on the lid. 

Charcoal Brown: A matte brown that goes great in the crease, and is perfect for filling in my eyebrows. 

Espresso: A deep matte chocolate brown.

Smut: A dark grey shimmery colour that is perfect blended out under the lower lash line when black seems too harsh. 

Carbon: A basic matte black for any smokey eye makeup look. 

So that is it. I hope you enjoyed this run through of my MAC custom eye shadow palette. I really love this palette because MAC's eye shadows are all really great quality and because these are neutrals, I can wear them whenever I what. I think I wouldn't recommend going out and buying a whole palette, but maybe build it up overtime by adding more and more eye shadows. Then you will know that every colour in your palette is something you really love. Have you any MAC eye shadows? Let me know which ones in the comments below. 

*MissLauraBora's Blog

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

New Wardrobe Organisation

Hey guys! Recently I went on a shopping spree and I was forced to deal with the awful state my wardrobe was in. At the time, I didn't go near the wardrobe, and most of the clothes that I wore were in piles on my office chair and out on my bookshelf. I never wore anything out of the wardrobe or drawers because they were really disorganised and I didn't know where anything went. Nothing had a place. I decided once and for all to deal with the mess that was my closet so I would be able to wear all my new clothes, and the old ones that I had almost forgot were there. So I did a massive clear-out and now everything has a place. Here is the new layout of my wardrobe:
On the top shelf I have all my jumpers and skirts folded. Then I have some going out bags, pajamas and bikinis that I don't need for everyday at the real back. Everything else is hanging, folded in my chest of drawers or out by the shoes.  
The fist section of hanging clothes is all my jackets, hoodys and sweatshirts. Then I have my two checked shirts.
After that I have some hanging long sleeves tops, and the I have all of my t-shirts and dressy tops. After that I have my casual everyday dresses.
After my casual dresses, I have interview or generic work clothes if I ever need them and then I have all my going out dresses. After that I just have my belts.
In the chest of drawers, which I didn't photograph, I have a drawer for underwear, a drawer for pajamas, a drawer for all my tank-tops and then a drawer for all of my pants or jeans. Before, I used to have half my pants hanging and half folded in different drawers so I never knew what pants I had to wear. This system is so much better.

After I organised the chest of drawers, I realised that I had nowhere to put my gym clothes; all my sweat pants, leggings and tops. I borrowed a small travel set of drawers from my sister who doesn't live at home anymore to put my gym clothes in. I put this in the hall outside my room with a shoe rack that my sister also gave me.  I organised all my shoes on the shoe rack but unfortunately my heels are too small to put on it. They fall right through the bars. 
So that is my new way of organising my clothes and shoes, and believe me it is so much more easier to navigate than the old way. I think the best way to organise is to group everything by what it is. If you have all your trousers together and all your tops together then you know exactly where to go when putting an outfit together. 

I hope you liked this post and it inspired you to organise your wardrobe. Let me know in the comments below what way you like to organise your wardrobe or if you wardrobe is a total mess that you don't even want to attempt to tidy. I'll talk to you soon. 
*MissLauraBora's Blog

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter Everyone!

Hey guys! Happy Easter! I hope ye all have a great day and eat lots of chocolate. I bought a Lindt chocolate bunny that I've been waiting until today to eat and I'm looking forward to eating it later on. Let me know down in the comment what type of Easter egg you have been looking forward to eating for the last few weeks and I'll talk to you soon.

*MissLauraBora's Blog

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Bright Orange Lip and Neutral Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys! Here is my new makeup tutorial video. In it I show you all how to pull off a bright orange lip.
If for some reason, you can't watch the embedded version, here is a link to the video! I hope you all enjoy it, and i'll talk to you soon.

*MissLauraBora's Blog
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