I’m Sick :(

Hey guys, today’s post is not a very happy one, I’ve gotten sick. It started on Saturday night after ice-skating earlier that day, where my throat started to feel a little sore and it got progressively worse as the days went on to where it hurt to swallow and now I can’t even eat because it hurts way too bad. I haven’t been able to go to any of my classes this week or do many blog posts either but I’m hoping that I am getting better and I should have a post up for you tomorrow.

Also, I am going to London on Saturday for mid-term and am not really sure what I’m going to do for internet because my phone is from the stone age 😛 . I’m hoping to find a internet cafe and post at least two or three times that week but if for some reason I haven’t posted much, that is the reason. I’ll make sure to do a big post about it as well when I get back.