Real Techniques Starter Set Review + Giveaway (CLOSED)

Hey guys, today I thought that I would give a review of the Real Techniques Starter Set because I am doing an international giveaway of it at the moment and I also have one myself and absolutely love it. The set comes with five brushes which are each supposed to be used for doing your eye makeup but you can also use them for other things. The set also comes with a handy brush belt for travelling which while holding all the brushes is very light and so easy to take around with you. I have traveled to a few places with this set and have even included it in my travel beauty essentials because I just think that the Real Techniques brushes that come with a brush belt like this one are so light and convenient to bring anywhere with you and I love travelling with them. Now on to the brushes:
                                                             The Deluxe Crease Brush


I just love the deluxe crease, but not necessarily for what it’s meant to be used for, I don’t really like to use it in my crease because I find that it is just too big for my eyes (which are fairly small) and doesn’t blend right. On my sister’s eyes however, which are a lot bigger than mine, it would fit perfectly into the crease and work well. I myself, prefer to use this brush as a concealer brush and it is my ultimate favourite concealer brush. It is so soft and fluffy that it helps to blend your concealer in really gently without rubbing most of it off like other brushes can do. I use this every time I do my makeup and it has really become a brush that I couldn’t live without.
The Base Shadow Brush


This is another “can’t live without brush”, so much so that I have already given it an entire review to itself on my blog which you can read here. My favourite thing about this brush is that it is like having two brushes in one, one for applying product and one for blending, I really love it. I also like to use this brush to highlight and do my inner corner.
                                                                   The Brow Brush


The brow brush is my last can’t live without product in this set. I use it every time I do my eyebrows and I just think that the shape of it makes it so easy to use. This product makes it so simple to fill in your eyebrows and keep them looking full so you don’t have any bald patches. I also like to use this brush to put some colour under my eye when I am doing my eye makeup and it helps to smoke out that colour if you don’t want it too defined.
                                                         The Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush


The pixel-point eyeliner brush can be used to apply gel or liquid eyeliner. It works well but not if you want a really thin line. This brush works better at creating thick cat eye lines than really precise thin ones. I don’t use it everyday for my gel eyeliner because I feel that my Sigma E65 small angle brush is better at getting an exact line and I am a lot more used to using it. I do however, like to use this brush for using a dark eye shadow as eyeliner to create a really smokey-eyed look or just if I don’t feel like having such a dark makeup look with jet black gel eyeliner.
                                                                 The Accent Brush


The accent brush is the smallest brush in the Real Techniques Starter Set. It is made to help you do really precise eye makeup looks. You can also use it to line your eyes, or to darken the outer V of your eye and then blend out with the base shadow brush to give any look more definition.
So that is the entire set. I really love these brushes and use them all the time. You can buy this set in Boots for €28.99 or If you don’t live near a Boots you can buy it online on Amazon or on the Real Techniques Website. If it is before midnight on the 25th of January 2014 you can still ENTER MY INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY FOR THIS BRUSH SET + a Rimmel Eye Shadow Quad and get it completely free if you win. Good Luck to everyone who enters! Make sure to check back with my blog during the week because I will be doing an eye makeup tutorial using these brushes and the Rimmel quad that I am having in the giveaway also.
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