Inexpensive Ruby Makeup Brushes Set Review

Hey guys, today I wanted to review a inexpensive Ruby Brushes set. This set is only 20 euros and for that you get 6 brushes and with a brush belt. One thing I really love about these brushes is the professional black handles with the pretty purple Ruby logo. I also love that they come in a brush belt but I have found that if you turn the brush belt upside down with the brushes in it, that some of them will fall out because the pouches that are supposed to be made the fit them are a bit too big, which is annoying but you don’t have to use the brush belt.
The first brush that comes in this set is the powder brush. I really like this brush. It is really soft and the perfect size for a powder brush, not too big or not too small. Although one or two bristles fall out every so often, I think I might actually prefer this than more high end powder brushes than I’ve used before. It is so soft on your skin and applies powder really easily. This might be my favourite brush in the set.
The next brush in the set is the foundation brush. Although I usually like to use either a buffing brush or a duo fibre brush to do my foundation, this brush is fine for a foundation brush. It’s not the softest pointed foundation brush to use but it definitely does the job. So it would be good for someone who is just starting out with makeup brushes. 
The next brush is a crease brush. This brush is good for blending out eye shadow but I found that the bristles fell out quite a bit while using this brush. I think that this would also be a good starter brush though to build up your collection if you couldn’t afford the more expensive brushes.
The next brush is a sort of flat, slightly fluffy shader brush which is great for applying a base eye shadow across the lid. I think that this sort of brush doesn’t have to be very expensive, that the all do it well so I would use this brush everyday.
The next brush is a very small angle brush. I find this brush is great for doing gel, liquid or even shadow liner above the top lash. I also like to use this brush to do very precise shaped eyebrows even though it takes a little longer than it would have using a normal sized brow brush. This is another brush in the set that is one of my favourites.

The last brush in this set is a small round sort of a brush that I like to use to blend out eyeliner and also to apply eye shadow under the eye. I like this brush. It doesn’t have a lot of fall and does its job perfectly.

Overall, I think this set is well worth the money and is quite good quality for the price. I would definitely recommend it for someone who is just starting their brush collection because of how inexpensive it is and because it contains a lot of the essential brushes that you need in your makeup brush collection. I think you can get these brushes in some Boots stores and they are available in some pharmacies so keep a lookout for them. I think they are only available in Ireland and Great Britain but let me know if you have seen them anywhere else and I will add it to this post.
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