MoYou Nails: The Simple Way to do Nail Art?

Hey guys, Today I wanted to review a product that I don’t think a lot of people know about. In October, I went to London for a week and while shopping in Camden market, me and my friend, Ann, came across MoYou Nails sets. MoYou Nails sets are sets that are suppose to make nail art really quick and easy to do by printing a pattern onto your nails. You can also buy them online but because we got them in Camden market, the lovely woman sold them to us for 5 euro less each than online and she also threw in an extra image plate for me because I was having difficulty deciding between two.

We got them for 20 euros each, a set for me and a set for Ann which included 1 special nail polish colour (you can used other normal nail polishes you have at home also), 1 stamp, 1 scraper, 2 image plates (and an extra one for me) plus an instruction booklet.

How the set works is that you take one of the image plates and peel off the blue sticker cover. We were pretty silly for not reading the instructions first and were wondering why it wasn’t working when we realized that we forgot to peel off the sticker.

Next, take the special nail polish (or any other colour that you own) and paint over the design that you want to print on your nails. 

Then, take the scraper that comes with the set and scrape the nail polish across the slide so that it gets into all the grooves of the design you want. For best results, you need to scrape across the plate with a 45 degree angle. There is more explanation of this in the booklet in case you are confused.

The next thing you do is take the printer and print it down on the design so that it transfers onto the printer. Once the design is on the the printer, print it onto your nail going from either right to left or left to right, basically it prints better across than if you printed it straight on to your nail like a regular stamp or if you did it from top to bottom, etc. One the pattern is printed on your nails, it is best to put a clear top coat over it to make sure the design lasts.

 This is the finished result. 
I also did one of the bigger prints which you can see below.
Once you are done printing the nail, you can clean the plate with some nail polish remover and a tissue/cotton wool, then move onto doing the next nail. It can be a little messy so it is probably best if you put some tissue paper under the plate you are using and leave the scraper down on some tissue between each nail so that you don’t stain the floor or table you are using with nail polish.

The three image plates that I got were 87, N22 and N30 which were all really cool prints. The N30 plate was supposed to make it really easy to do French manicure tips but no matter how much I try it, they do not come out well. It might be because there is not that much detail on it so the nail polish just kind of scrapes completely off the plate. There are other plates like this to do French manicure like nails but with designs for the tips that I think would work a lot better but I wouldn’t recommend buying the N30 plate.

I also think that it is fairly difficult to do the big prints that cover the entire nail so if I was buying them again, I would buy the plates with the smaller designs on it like the flower that I did above. I’m think about buying some plates with the smaller designs online because you can buy them separately there for pretty cheap. The smaller images would take a lot less time to do because it’s pretty hard to get all the big designs right the first time on each of your nails.
Overall, I like the MoYou Nails set and would definitely recommend it if you got the plates which the small designs on it, because using it would be a lot faster and easier to design your nails rather than if you had to draw a design on each nail with nail art tools. I thought the bigger prints were harder to do but the are possible to use so I wouldn’t tell you not to buy them if you are fairly good at nails, but for people like me who are pretty useless at nails, I wouldn’t really recommend them over the smaller designs. I have never gotten the N30 plate for French manicure tips to work so I would advice you to steer clear of that plate and just use regular French manicure strips. If you are interested in getting this set, you can buy it or another version of it here on the MoYou Nails website.

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