Happy Halloween | Last Minute Decoration Ideas

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you have a great day and night. I love Halloween so much so today I thought I would share some cute Halloween related Pinterest pictures with you. These are particularly great if you are having a Halloween party tonight and are looking for some last minute ideas, and if not they are just cute and cool ideas that I thought might like to see.

1. Wicked Witch Halloween Cupcakes 
This are the cutest cupcakes ever! Unfortunately the recipe in the link I gave is in German I think, but if you can’t translate it all in Google translate, then you can always use the pictures as inspiration and create your own with any cupcake recipe. These would look so cute and yummy at a Halloween party!

2. A Handprint In The Punch
I love this idea so much. I’m definitely going to try it out if I ever throw a Halloween party. You just fill a glove with water and freeze it. Then you add it to your punch to get this scary punch bowl for Halloween.

3. Blood Spattered Cookies
Who doesn’t want to make and eat blood spattered cookies. It’s such a cool, easy idea.

This is a really cute idea for a Halloween diner party. It inspires me to think of other things you could do for this kind of event like personalised scary place setting cards or ghost napkins (which are basically just napkins haha).

5. Wicked Witch Doormat
This is a great idea for decorating you house that I would have never thought of. The only thing I’m not so sure about is that people might be likely to trip over the shoes on the way to your door. There are still plenty of safer places in your house that you can stick witch feet under to get the same cool look.

I hope you like this post and have a great Halloween! Leave a comment down below telling me which one of these is your favourite and also let me know if there are any other cool ideas that I left out.