Don’t Rush Your Dreams

inpsirational quote-don't rush your dreams-small progress is still progress

Lately, I feel like I’ve been seeing more and more people giving up on their dreams because they think that they aren’t progressing enough, or that they are progressing too slowly. This is completely ridiculous. We can’t go through life with an all or nothing mindset. Great things take time and we need to be grateful for the progress we are making because it all adds up eventually. I’ve tried my best to convince some of these people to hang in there, and the ones who have are already seeing amazing results. On the other hand, the people who quit will never know what could have happened. They might spend their whole life wondering what could have been. The only definite way of failing is by giving up. Then there is no way you will succeed.

Another issue is that feeling that you need to rush yourself in the pursuit of your dreams. This is something that I have definitely felt; that I need to be succeeding faster or it will never happen. We can’t wait to be successful and we spend all of our time waiting for it to come about. Now I’m going to be really cringey and reference Hannah Montana. I can’t remember the exact words but the gist is that it’s not about that goal at the end of the day, it’s about the climb. The journey you go through to get to where you want to be is life, and you can’t rush it. It shapes you into the person you’re going to be. We all need to think smarter about how we achieve our dreams instead or being stressed out all the time trying to do 200 things at once to take a short cut. If you decide that you won’t give up no matter what then it has to happen eventually or you will die trying. Just because it doesn’t happen straight away means nothing. Progress is progress and it means you are heading in the right direction.