My Youtube Lighting Setup

A couple of months ago, I bought some new studio lights for my YouTube videos. The ones I got were on Amazon and they were between 80-100 euros. They are a 50x70cm softbox photo studio set consisting of 2 softboxes with 5500K 85W light bulbs. They are quite big as you can see in the picture below and it is possible to adjust their height to be both taller or shorter. 
'2 x Continuous Lighting Kit 50x70cm Softbox Soft Box Photo Studio Set Lights
The two softboxes came in a travel-friendly bag that is pretty lightweight and easy to carry around. Before I bought them, the only thing I was worried about was that they have 85W bulbs instead of 125W, which are supposed to be brighter. I haven’t found this an issue, however, and have been able to use only one of the softboxes to light my entire YouTube background. (This is also down to how big they are and I can’t fit them both in my room.)  
Continuous Lighting Kit 50x70cm Softbox Soft Box Photo Studio Set Lights
Below I have pictures showing what my room looks like without any lights on and also how it looks with only one softbox on, situated about 2 metres away. The light is so good that right now I don’t need to use the second light at all because one is bright enough, whether it’s during the day or during the night. ( The photos below were taken when it was dark outside). 
Without the lights:
While one of the softboxes is on:
As you can see, the one light makes an awful difference to my YouTube background. I’ve also been using one of the softboxes to light my blog pictures and I just love how the pictures have been coming out.
Here is a picture taken for my blog with one of the softboxes situated about a metre away:
Overall, I am so happy with my new lights and lighting setup, especially because I don’t have to worry about the sun going down so quickly in the winter months and having to rush my videos and photos before it happens. If you have a blog or a YouTube channel, let me know in the comments below how you light your videos or pictures. Do you use natural lighting or studio lighting? And if you are thinking about getting the same lights as me, here is the link. Talk to you soon.