How do I add tags to my blog on Bloglovin?

So fairly recently enough, Bloglovin started adding tags to blogs to make your blog easier to find. These are different from your blog post tags and are a number of specific tags that relate to your overall blog. I was pretty happy with this change because now people would be able to find my blog a little bit easier.

The only thing was, I noticed that some blogs had several different tags and my blog only had one. People like Zoella had up to 10 tags including Food, Beauty, DIY, Fashion and Lifestyle, whereas my blog just had the tag Beauty. Then I noticed that some other blogs didn’t have any tags at all.

So how do I add more tags to my blog? I tried editing my blog info and settings but there didn’t seem to be any way to add more blog tags. Then I googled it and was somehow given the information to add a blog to Bloglovin instead of how to add more blog tags. Then I came across the reason why some people had loads of blog tags and others had none. This is what I found coming from Bloglovin themselves under the heading What Determines Which Tags Are Featured In My Blog Profile?:

“The tags for your profile are automatically generated by how your followers have categorized your blog. As you gain more followers, the more tags that will display and the more accurate they will be. There is not a way to manually add or remove tags at this time.” 

So that is the reason; your blog tags all depend on your follower count. That is why Zoella with over 300,000 followers has ten different blog tags, my blog with 1600 followers has only one, and people with less than 300 followers seem to have none. There is no way yet for us to manually add our own blog tags so basically, it is just another motivation to grow our blog followings. Although it wasn’t the best answer to find, I am glad that I finally know why some people have more tags than others.

So I hoped this blog post helped if any of you were wondering why you didn’t have as many blog tags as someone else. If you enjoyed it or found it helpful then please love it on Bloglovin or give it a +1 on Google Plus. I hope you are having a great day and I’ll talk to you soon.